Photos of Prague: Honeymoon Julia and Slawomir

Last year I got acquainted with a lovely couple Slawomir and Julja. He lived in Warsaw and she – in Brest, in my hometown. And due this fact we met at the party of my friend where we got to know each other. Several weeks after our meeting Julja phoned me and asked to be their wedding photographer  in Warsaw. And I agreed.

Beautiful wedding photography in Prague and Czech Republic Artur Jakutsevich

The wed ceremony and the banquet were organized in on of the best places for wedding in Warsaw. The couple and the guests had all opportunities to have and enjoy the birthday of new family and they did it. I wrote about this event in Luxury and polish traditional wedding in Warsaw.

Honeymoon in Prague Czech wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich

After the rings were exchanged, campaign was tasted and the party was over the newlyweds together with their wedding photographer set off for Prague. Slawomir and Julja decided that wedding in Warsaw is good, but love story in Prague won’t be too much. More over Julja and Slawomir started their honeymoon from Prague.

Lennon wall in Prague wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich

This trip we were planning with the brides not less than their polish wedding. As I have mentioned at the big day in Warsaw there were too many guests to have enough time for the brides to have some private time. Therefore the brides started their honeymoon with Prague and its attractions, must see places and picturesque views. I would call this city European wedding capital, because so many couples start their new life in the capital of Czech Republic and come there for post wedding photo sets.

Prague gardens post wedding photography - European luxury wedding photographer

The weather was extremely nice. As usually we started our post wedding photo set in Prague early in the morning when we can get the best ever natural light. Actually it was a real love story, because while walking along Prague streets and gardens we enjoyed the views and atmosphere of the city.

Metro in Prague public transport  bride and groom

So the first object to among must see in Prague was the well-know Charles Bridge. Have you ever see it in the morning? It’s an amazing place full of light and free of tourists. By the way, don’t forget to make two wishes at the Charles Bridge. I tell you, they come true. More over just look at the date when the first stone was put into the concrete: year 1357 day 9 month 7at 5:31 in the morning. All in all we have 135797531. And this is a historically proved fact. No doubt that the wishes do come true, since it’s a magic place, where lots of tourists come every day to take pictures and enjoy Prague views.

Wedding in Prague views and gardens take fun

We also passed several typical Prague streets with tiny souvenir shops and restaurants. When in Prague do remember, if the street you need to go through is overcrowded with tourists, there is always a parallel street going almost the same direction, but absolutely free. Of course one can get lost there, but it is a good Prague tradition. If you don’t feel like getting lost, discover Czech capital during a photo tour with professional photographer Artur Jakutsevich in Prague.

wedding photography in prague morning photo set

On of the top 10 in Prague places where to go or in other words ‘must see in Prague’ is the Petrshin. The hill in the very center not far from the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. This is a lovely place with a copy of Elf Tower in Paris. The views that the Petrshin opens on Praha are picturesque.

Lennon wall in Prague bride and groom  by Artur Jakutsevich

Public transport in Prague is very punctual and comfortable. Thus between the photo spots we had little pauses on a tram or in metro. As it occur, even wearing a wedding dress doesn’t influence the comfort.

Lovers in Prague post wedding photography

Despite the distance we did that day Julja and Slawomir very positive and joyful. They had after wedding fun, I did my job – caught the moments and took the pictures of newlyweds in Prague. Together with me worked my friend and colleague, the gifted event videographer in Prague – Alexander Znaharchuk. During one day he managed to create tender post wedding movie in Czech capital for Julja and Slawomir.

Wedding photo in Prague on Charles Bridge

That was amazing and sweet time, we spent together with the lovely couple from Poland. Julja and Slawomir, it was my pleasure to know you and to be your wedding photographer both in Poland and Warsaw as well as in Prague and Czech Republic.