Engagement story of Aliona and Vadin: Superman and Lois Lain

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Some many couples, so many love story ideas for an engagement photographer. This is a true statement for any country and any destination. The only thing you need to do is to let the couple create and enjoy the moment. If it happens, that they start doing something, take you camera and catch moments. As a result there will be a unique pre-wedding and engagement story. The story of love!

Superman engagement photography

Today I will tell one interesting story about a Superman and his beloved Lois. And let us start from the very beginning.

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Aliona is a very delicate and creative person. She is a hairstylist. Many of brides in her native city Brest (Belarus) dream of having a hairstyle made by Aliona. She is the best. By the way, all members of our Mongooses.TV team are the clients of the image-studio she works for. I’m got used to entrust my head only to the best specialists.

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Vadim — is the most responsible person ever, always ready to help others. That’s all because his job is to save people’s lives. In any extreme and complicated situation he knows what to do and how to behave. In fact, Superman, who is rescuing the fragile girl from the malicious bully, is a very modest and shy person. This engagement photo shooting was a real challenge for him.

Love story ideas

From my side it was not easy to get acquainted with a superman and to make a photo report about his working day. I had to be as calm as this rabbit on the table, so that not interfere Vadim in his mission of saving the humanity and the Earth. Frankly speaking I adore this love story idea!

Superman pre-wedding photo shooting

Usually the day of the superman starts with a emergency phone call, like the day when I arrived at his place to take some photos and to ask some questions. When I came, Vadim had just returned from the fire in a little village, where he saved several people and chickens. Not sure about the chickens, but the people where really happy. There was an article in the local newspaper.

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Depending on the schedule our Superman sleeps at home or in his working place – the highest roof of the city.

Love story of a superman

From his sight nothing would ever escape.

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His eyes notice every single danger for any person.

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And here comes the action of this engagement story. Aliona was in her way to old granny, when a man in black appeared from a window of an abandoned fabric and tried to stole the fruit, she was fetching to her ill grandmother. But already the following moment with one eye twinkle a red coat rushed and hit the thief.

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And another time, and one more. Until the stranger shouted that he would never hurt people and would go to work the following day.

Superman love story

The following day came and brought me a new and lovely couple: Vadim and Aliona. We were driving a country road away from the big city to take first and unique pre wedding photos in the most atmospheric and beautiful places of Belarus. It was August with unique evening light and amazing weather.

Photographer in Belarus

Aliona’s follwogin idea was to escape from the people, phone calls and to take the superman only for herself.

Engagement and pre wedding photos ideas

In some months after this pre wedding photo session they started to live together and finally got married. But this is another history to be told a bit later.


Dear brides and grooms, if you feel like going a bit mad in front of the camera, if you have an interesting love story idea for a pre-wedding photo shooting, if you are inspired with my photos, do feel out the contact form to the left on the screen and give me your dates, destination and thoughts. Together we will create something amazing for your couple!

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