“THE GUIDELINE IN FAMILY AND CHILDREN PHOTO SHOOTING” For  future mothers and fathers in Prague Prague photographer for the child In every family the birth of a child is always a great date and one of the most important events. And it’s always a pleasure for to be invited to take photos of a newly born kid. I do like to picture infants and children because they are sincere and are not afraid to be themselves. Photo newborn in Prague This kind of shooting is very interesting on the one hand and on the other it requires from a photographer good skills and professional sophistication. Children are very live and unpredictable. In this case my huge experience in wedding photo is of great help for me. Family Photographer in Prague One should plan the first photo sessions for a king in advance. It’s worthy to contact a photographer in order to get pictures of a baby in his/her first days. Because during the first three weeks an infant only starts to discover things around with the eyes only. They shape their bodies in cute possess as if they are still in mothers’ belly. photo shoot for pregnant women The ideal time for a woman being in the pudding club to have pictures taken is the 5-7th months. At this time a round belly looks pretty and photogenic. Wedding Photographer in Prague I recommend to organize the very first photo shootings at home, where the kid feels normal and accustomed. Also children feel safe on mothers’ hands. But framed freedom is interesting for them as well. In this picture below little Lubava (22 days) discovers my photo camera. good children's portrait Infants have very tiny hands, fingers, ears. Therefore I pay so much attention to the details. Small feet, kneels, eyes – everything is unique for every kid. photo session mom and baby Children portraits are the most beautiful photos. Sincere, honest and even astute look will not leave anyone indifferent. I convince you, that when a grown up, you children will be thankful to you for his or her photo-biography. Child portrait in Prague I must say that with all my clients we stay good friends and in most cases I become a sort of family photographer. What concerns kids, after several meeting they get accustomed to uncle Artur and to his camera. If parents and children are ready we go out to take outside photos. Let children and family photo shooting be a good tradition for you! More photos are available in my FACEBOOK account .

Your personal family photographer Artur Jakutsevich.