Wedding in Italy: 20 best moments, Francesca & James

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This international wedding in Italy was held on the 21st of June. And I still can’t believe that the event is over. I was honoured to spent 16 hours with a lovely couple, their friends and relatives. As a result I have thousands of shots and about one hundred gigabyte of date stored. Francesca and James, I did my best to choose the best 20 moments of your wedding in Rome to reflect the atmosphere. Looking forward to your comments, friends!

1. Gentlemen started the day with whiskey. Why not? The day was going to be long and very hot.

Wedding in Italy

2. High time to leave the hotel and finally meet the bride.

Italian wedding photo

3. This is the first selfie of the day. And the picture was immediately uploaded to Instagram. Are you there? Follow me and James Just try to imagine such a picture some 5 years ago! Good time we live in!

wedding selfie

4. Francesca is ready and is on her way to the Church with her father. Lovely Italian bride!

Italian bride

5. One of the most important moments of any wedding in Italy: a father leads his daughter to the altar, where a groom is waiting.

Italian wedding

6. In love and can’t wait!


7. One of my beloved shots: to capture such a moment is a real treasure for any wedding photojournalist either from Italy or any other country.

Italian wedding photojournalist

8. Kids at wedding are just amazing! They are free to behave they want to. We, grown-ups, need to learn so much from them.


9. The first moments after bride and groom became wife and husband.

bride and groom Italy

10. When I saw this, I could not believe that it was true. The priest was given communion to the guests, while Francesca and James were making their first family selfie. I was so positively shocked, that could hardly shot! James you are just the best in taking selfie pictures!

Wedding selfie

11. Another Italian wedding tradition is to throw kilos of rice at the heads of bride and groom. According to my calculations there were some 20.

Italian wedding tradition

12. On the way to the Colosseum. Pedestrian crossings? Never heard about this.

Wedding in Rome

13. It was 5 p.m. when we reached the Colosseum and made some amazing shots without crowds of tourists.

the Colosseum

14. To get some cash for a cab James had to sell the last pack of cigarettes for 5 Euro. That was a good start of non-smoking family life. Right, James?

wedding photojournalist in Rome

15. Best men of the best man!

best man

16. It was a very emotional and open event. James and his feelings.

photographer in Rome

17. Usually Italian weddings are not so reach for speeches, but that day guests enjoyed some lovely stories.

Italian wedding

18. Francesca and her father.

Wedding in Rome

19. That was a very interesting story and surprise prepared by friends for James and Francesca.

wedding surprise

20. Since James is keen on paintball games, I could not have imagined any different idea for a wedding cake.

wedding cake

And of course, being an addicted instagrammer I also took a selfie with beautiful Francesca and James with a fancy background of the Colosseum.

Selfie Colosseum

If you know Francesca and James, feel free to congratulate the couple on the event in your comments below. They promised to read every comment and to reply everyone.

From my side I would express my gratitude and to thank you, Francesca and James, for letting me into your family and giving such an opportunity to make documentary of your first family day.
Sincerely yours, Artur and the team!

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome