Honeymoon photoshooting in Rome in July for Leila & John

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Leila and John came to Rome in June to celebrate the beginning of their family life. They started the honeymoon from Denver and made a long way to see the Eternal City, to try real Italian food and of course to spend a lovely mooring in company of mine — professional wedding photographer in Rome.

As usually in summer we began the shooting quite early in the morning — it was 6 a.m. The first place where we went was Vatican and St. Peter’s square.

Honeymoon in Rome

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Morning in shooting in Rome

Honeymoon photo

Honeymoon in Vatican

The honeymoon for my new american friends started with a golden dawn in Rome. That magic morning the sun was very softly making the ambiance of the place (we were in Vatican at this time) very special. And at this very moment we were absolutely alone at the entrance of the St. Peter’s Basilica, which seems unreal for most of people who love to sleep.


Vatican photo in the morning

Best time to go to Vatican

Lovely american couple in Vatican

Photo shooting in Vatican Rome Italy

Photo with St Peter's basilica

Honeymoon in Rome Photo with St Peter's basilica

Castel Sant’Angelo

About 500 meters far from the main square of Vatican one finds another interesting historical object, which is the Castel Sant’Angelo. Following a wide street we made our way to its direction. Another set of fantastic morning pictures we made with a view over the river of Rome – Tiber.

Romantic morning in Rome

Professional photographer in Rome

Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome

Castel Sant'Angelo photo

Castel Sant'Angelo bridge

Honeymoon in Rome photography

Navona Square just for us

Every time I come to Navona Square (Piazza Navona) with my couples I feel so inspired to be able to show them this great beauty of Rome with no crowds and mess around. It is so important to take such a chance to enjoy the masterpieces of architecture in silence. These are the very moments when one can feel and admire the city.

Navona Square (Piazza Navona)

Romantic photo shooting in Rome

Rome photographer

Best time to go to Rome

Honeymoon in Rome

Professional photo Rome

Honeymoon in Rome photos in Navona Square

Sunny morning in Italy

Honeymoon in Italy morning photo shooting in Rome

Morning photo shooting in Rome

Flowers in Rome Navona Square

Honeymoon in Italy

The Pantheon in Rome

Another very important and as a result very popular place of Rome is the Pantheon. During the day and till late at night the fountain in front of the entrance to the Pantheon and restaurants around are totally full of people. The only moment to see this fascinating construction in calm atmosphere is the morning. That is why our honeymoon photo shooting in Rome continued there.

Streets of Rome in the morning

The Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon in Rome photo

Romantic photo near the Pantheon in Rome

Romantic photo near the Pantheon in Rome

The Pantheon in Rome the gate

Honeymoon photography

How big is the Pantheon in Rome

Lovely couple from the USA in Rome photos

Honeymoon in Rome

Photography in Rome

Spanish steps

All americans visiting Rome have Spanish steps as one of the first places in the list of must see places. Together with my colleague and assistant Vladimir we spent countless hours explaining to couples the fact that it is impossible to take nice engagement or pre-wedding photos in Spanish steps during the day and even in the evening. After 9 in the morning it is already crowded.

Spanish steps

Spanish steps photo

Honeymoon in Rome Spanish steps photo

Lovers in Rome

Photo shooting in Spanish Steps in Rome

Every our client is our friend and it is really important to have a picture for good memory. Look at this photo taken in one of the best panoramic views of Rome. Leila and john you are in my heart for good!

Professional wedding photographer in Rome

Villa Borghese

In many of the shootings from Rome I’ve made there is information and pictures from Villa Borghese, which a very popular location for engagement, wedding or honeymoon sessions. And every shooting I try to make unique, finding new locations and playing with the light.

Villa Borghese

Honeymoon in Rome Villa Borghese

While Leila and my assistant Yana were discussing the modern tendencies of fashion, me and John found a new nice spot to take a picture.

Honeymoon in Rome photography

Honeymoon in Italy ideas

Funny honeymoon photos

Villa Borghese photo

Honeymoon in Rome Villa Borghese photo

The temperature in Rome in June is about +25 +30 by 10 in the mooning, so it was already hot. To continue the honeymoon shooting we spent some minutes in shadow.

Honeymoon photoshooting in Rome

Weather in June in Rome

Where to take photos in Rome

Romantic morning photo shooting

Rome panoramic view

Honeymoon in Rome

That was the beginning of honeymoon in Italy for Leila and John: a beautiful photo shooting in Rome. What is your plan for such a session? I sincerely hope that this story and photos will inspire you to make something amazing.
Sincerely yours, Artur and Vladimir