Honeymoon in Rome: Graeme and Karen

Honeymoon in Rome English speaking wedding photographer in Rome

Graeme and Karen came to Italy from the USA to celebrate their first lovely days after the wedding — honeymoon in Rome. We discussed with them the plan of the shooting and in one sunny morning met to make these lovely shots of their honeymoon trip. We had a gorgeous couple, amazing light, fantastic interiors of the ancient city, a red Vespa and perfect mood. Well, also there was me, professional Italian photographer to capture all this beauty.

Honeymoon in Rome

Impressive buildings and incredible history of Rome made the couple love the place. Therefore, we started the shooting from the centre of religious life in Italy — Vatican. This is absolutely amazing place with certain atmosphere, but to feel it, one should get up really early in the morning, since during the day thousands of tourists attack the place.

That day we were the first ones to visit Vatican and to take some lovely honeymoon pictures there.


I did like the ideas and energy of the couple. During our preparations for the shooting Graeme suggested having a red Vespa booked for some hours. For him and for Karen this vehicle is the very symbol of Italy and Rome. I did like the idea because it was something new.

Vespa in Rome

For me it is very essential in every photo shooting, especially in engagement or honeymoon, to show and highlight individuality of every couple. Therefore, we spent with my clients enough time to know each other, to learn the habits and of course to develop an individual plan, that should be interesting both for the brides and for the photographer.

To enjoy morning Rome and to take honeymoon photos with Karen and her husband we had about 4 hours. Have a look at the result!

Wedding photographer in Rome


Vatican in Rome photo

Photoshooting in Vatican

Rome photographer

Honeymoon in Rome

Rome Vespa photo

Photographer in Rome

After the first part of taking honeymoon in Rome pictures near Vatican and Castel St. Angelo, we moved to another romantic part of the city. Jewish quarters and squares located there remained untouched and now look the way they used to look several hundreds years ago. These are very historical places that reflect ancient atmosphere. Therefore lots of Italian photographers come here with couples to take photos.

Atmosphere in Rome

Honeymoon photo shooting in Italy Rome

Italian photographer in Rome

Rome photography

Honeymoon in Rome photoshooting June

Ideas for honeymoon in Rome

in Rome

Streets in Rome

Professional wedding photographer in Italy and Rome

Photo shooting in Rome

From the USA to Italy honeymoon

The sun was climbing higher and higher. So we decided to move to Villa Borghese. There we had another set of honeymoon pictures taken with spectacular panoramic views of Rome.

Panorama of Rome


Villa Borghese


Photo shooting

Rome photographer

Rome in June photo

By the end of our photo honeymoon shooting it was getting really hot and we decided to take a boat and to find shelter in a lake on Villa Borghese. For Graeme, who was wearing his black suit, that decision did sound like a plan!

Villa Borghese photo

Villa in Rome

Professional photographer in Rome

Villa Borghese lake photo

Rent a boat in Villa Borghese

Honeymoon photography in Rome

Rome honeymoon

Graeme and Karen, thank you so much, for choosing me as an Italian wedding photographer. Hope you are satisfied with the results of your honeymoon in Rome and the photo shooting we had. I wish you all the best in family life and invite you to Europe for an anniversary session in any city you would like to go.

Sincerely, Artur and Vladimir

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich
Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome