Surprise Proposal in RomeRicky Pallavi
Surprise Marriage Proposal in Rome: Pallavi and Ricky
My dear readers, I have a new and fascinating story to tell you. Most of you know how important it is for me to prepare for the photo session. I always get acquainted
Family photographу in Rome
Family Photographу in Rome: Holly and Her Family
After the morning pre-wedding photo shoot in Rome with Holly and Jordan, we met in Villa Borghese with her family: mother and brothers Kolt and Dillan.
Engagement in Rome one amazing morning photos Eimear and Willy
May Engagement Photoshoot in Rome: Eimear & Willy
For the past 13 years, I’ve been experiencing natural and cultural diversity by being involved in different family events. Every couple is unique and has a
Honeymoon in Rome
June Honeymoon Shooting in Rome: Graeme and Karen
Graeme and Karen came to Italy from the USA to celebrate their first lovely days after the wedding — honeymoon in Rome. We discussed with them the plan of the shooting
July Photo Shooting in Rome: Holly and Jordan
Holly and Jordan came to Rome in July from Dallas (Texas, USA) to celebrate their engagement and do a family photo shoot with Holly’s mother and brothers.
Honeymoon in Rome photos
September Wedding Photoshoot in Rome – Anna and Kirill
I’m thrilled to make this post and let me explain the reason. Originally I come from Belarus, where I was born and went to school and University.
Wedding photoshoot in Rome in March
March Wedding Photoshoot in Rome – Risa and Tatsuya
Today I will tell you about Risa and Tatsuya, who came to Italy from Japan. Right after the marriage in their home country, they took a plane and in 12 hours, appeared
August Honeymoon Photo Shooting in Rome – Salina & Terry
August Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome – Salina & Terry
Salina and Terry came to Italy from Singapore not only to eat and discover the country but also to bring honeymoon photos from Rome. They did a proper search on
Engagement photo session in Rome in May for Sandy and David
May Engagement photo shooting in Rome – Sandy and David
My dear readers and brides. I have a new couple to introduce to you. They came from Canada, where they live and work. Sandy and David found my articles with tips
April Engagement Photo shooting in Rome – Serena and Ryan
April in Rome is fantastic and very beautiful time for a wedding photo shooting. The sun is warm, gardens are in flowers, spring atmosphere is everywhere.
June Honeymoon Photo Shooting in Rome & Vatican: Leila & John
Leila and John came to Rome in June to celebrate the beginning of their family life. They started their honeymoon in Denver (USA). They made a long way to see the
April Engagement Photo Shooting in the Vatican City: Thera and Bjorn
One year before the wedding Bjorn and Thera planed to visit Vatican in order to get engaged and let their friends know about it in a very interesting way.
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Rome – List of the Most Beautiful Places
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Rome for Gulyaim & Gani
I met Gulyaim and Gani in April during their honeymoon in Rome. Together we had a fantastic day: we walked through the Eternal City, saw the dawn, took many beautiful
January Wedding Photoshoot in Rome: Dorene and Jason
Wedding photography in Rome is my primary occupation. Therefore I do my best always to perform extraordinary results. And I’m happy to say that couples willing
August Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Roman Castle
August Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Roman Castle: Diana and Alex
A wedding in Italy is a dream that unites brides from different countries worldwide. One can hardly find another state on the map with such a wide variety of destination