wedding photoshoot Rome january 2015
Wedding photoshoot in Rome: Dorene and Jason
Wedding photography in Rome is my basic occupation. Therefore I do my best always to perform unique results. And I’m happy to say that with every year couples
Honeymoon photoshooting in Rome in July for Leila & John
Leila and John came to Rome in June to celebrate the beginning of their family life. They started the honeymoon from Denver and made a long way to see the Eternal
Destination wedding
Honeymoon in Italy: Daphne and Garry
My dear friends, let me introduce you to a wonderful couple from Hong Kong: Daphne and Garry. They planned to spent their honeymoon in Italy and found me as a photographer
Engagement in Rome
Autumn engagement in Rome: Ronald and Dorothy
In this article I will tell you a story about autumn Engagement in Rome. It was a photo shooting carried out by my colleague and photographer Vladimir Novikov.
Vatican engagement photoshooting for Thera and Bjorn in April
One year before the wedding Bjorn and Thera planed to visit Vatican in order to get engaged and let their friends know about it in a very interesting way.
Wedding photoshooting in April in Rome for Gulyaim & Gani
I met Gulyaim and Gani in April during their honeymoon in Rome. Together we spent a amazing day: walked through the Eternal City, saw the dawn, took a lot of beautiful
Wedding in Italy: 20 best moments, Francesca & James
This international wedding in Italy was held on the 21st of June. And I still can’t believe that the event is over. I was honoured to spent 16 hours with a
Gulyaim & Gani: Night engagement photoshooting in Rome Trastevere
The same day but after the honeymoon morning shooting in Rome we continue with Gulyaim and Gani taking pictures in the Italian capital. Official dress and suit were
Fifth wedding anniversary in Rome: Margarita and Brooks
What I like about my profession are the people who I meet. Moments when he asks “Will you?” inspire, the most essential “Yes, I do!”
Casual photo shooting in Rome
Casual photo shooting in Rome: Risa and Tatsuya
After a honeymoon session in white gown and suit, we decided with Risa and Tatsuya that March in Rome is a fantastic period for a casual photo shooting as well.
Elopement in Rome Italy
Elopement in Rome: Diana and Alex
Wedding in Italy is a dream that unites brides from different countries of the world. One can hardly find another state on the map with such a vast variety of destination
Night photo shooting in Rome
Night photo shooting in Rome: Dorene and Jason
Night photo shooting in Rome was the second part of a honeymoon session for Dorene and Jason who came to Italy from Singapore. Evening views of the city made the
Church wedding in Rome
Real wedding in Rome: Adriana and Peter
Adriana and Peter are my new friends who came to Italy not only because of huge desire to discover something new. They had a plan: to have a solemn church real wedding in Rome.
Love Story photo shooting in night Rome for Serena and Ryan
Night Rome engagement photo shooting for Serena and Ryan we started at the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola at Gianicolo Hill (or Janiculum). These views I’ve already
Pre-wedding in Italy photo shooting in Rome Serena and Ryan
April in Rome is fantastic and very beautiful time for a wedding photo shooting. The sun is warm, gardens are in flowers, spring atmosphere is everywhere.