Surprise Proposal in RomeRicky Pallavi
Surprise Marriage Proposal in Rome: Pallavi and Ricky
My dear readers, I have a new and fascinating story to tell you. Most of you know how important it is for me to prepare for the photo session. I always get acquainted
Family photographу in Rome
Family Photographу in Rome: Holly and Her Family
After the morning pre-wedding photo shoot in Rome with Holly and Jordan, we met in Villa Borghese with her family: mother and brothers Kolt and Dillan.
Engagement in Rome one amazing morning photos Eimear and Willy
May Engagement Photoshoot in Rome: Eimear & Willy
For the past 13 years, I’ve been experiencing natural and cultural diversity by being involved in different family events. Every couple is unique and has a
Honeymoon in Rome
June Honeymoon Shooting in Rome: Graeme and Karen
Graeme and Karen came to Italy from the USA to celebrate their first lovely days after the wedding — honeymoon in Rome. We discussed with them the plan of the shooting
July Photo Shooting in Rome: Holly and Jordan
Holly and Jordan came to Rome in July from Dallas (Texas, USA) to celebrate their engagement and do a family photo shoot with Holly’s mother and brothers.
Honeymoon in Rome photos
September Wedding Photoshoot in Rome – Anna and Kirill
I’m thrilled to make this post and let me explain the reason. Originally I come from Belarus, where I was born and went to school and University.
Wedding photoshoot in Rome in March
March Wedding Photoshoot in Rome – Risa and Tatsuya
Today I will tell you about Risa and Tatsuya, who came to Italy from Japan. Right after the marriage in their home country, they took a plane and in 12 hours, appeared
August Honeymoon Photo Shooting in Rome – Salina & Terry
August Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome – Salina & Terry
Salina and Terry came to Italy from Singapore not only to eat and discover the country but also to bring honeymoon photos from Rome. They did a proper search on
Engagement photo session in Rome in May for Sandy and David
May Engagement photo shooting in Rome – Sandy and David
My dear readers and brides. I have a new couple to introduce to you. They came from Canada, where they live and work. Sandy and David found my articles with tips
April Engagement Photo shooting in Rome – Serena and Ryan
April in Rome is fantastic and very beautiful time for a wedding photo shooting. The sun is warm, gardens are in flowers, spring atmosphere is everywhere.
June Honeymoon Photo Shooting in Rome & Vatican: Leila & John
Leila and John came to Rome in June to celebrate the beginning of their family life. They started their honeymoon in Denver (USA). They made a long way to see the
Traditional Food at an Italian Wedding
What associations come to your mind when someone is speaking about a wedding? White dress, nerves, photographers, guests, relatives, bouquets? And what if we add
April Engagement Photo Shooting in the Vatican City: Thera and Bjorn
One year before the wedding Bjorn and Thera planed to visit Vatican in order to get engaged and let their friends know about it in a very interesting way.
Photographer in Venice
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Venice: Carson and Agnes
There are a lot of information about the city and its incredible atmosphere, but to feel it one should go there. Believe me, it is too hard to describe Venice in words.
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Rome – List of the Most Beautiful Places
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Rome for Gulyaim & Gani
I met Gulyaim and Gani in April during their honeymoon in Rome. Together we had a fantastic day: we walked through the Eternal City, saw the dawn, took many beautiful