Italian wedding menu at wedding receptions

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What associations do come to your mind, when someone is speaking about a wedding? White dress, nerves, photographers, guests, relatives, bouquet? And what if we add the word «Italian»? Will anything change? My first thoughts, when I hear about «Italian wedding» bring memories of «Godfather» movie. Francis Ford Coppola showed this the marriage in all the details. If you don’t remember I strongly recommend you to watch the movie or to continue careful reading of this article, where a significant element of any marriage in Italy is revealed. I’m mean Italian wedding reception.

Italians are mad about food. They do talk much and eat even more. This is no shame or problem to look into someone’s plate in restaurants or cafes, just to see what they have. Of course in any country wedding banquet is among biggest parts of a budget, but in Italy it is just the biggest one. With every new event I’m invited to either as a professional Italian photographer or as a guest, I do feel how strong my love to local cuisine becomes. So, today I will share my personal experience of a true and very traditional wedding dinner in Italy of Francesca and James.

Brides and grooms planning a destination marriage, don’t forget about Italy, because the opportunities that exist here are unlimited. Together with my colleague and assistant Vladimir we compiled words and photos to create a story about what Italians eat at weddings and how much. Warning! People on a diet or with weak willpower are not recommended to proceed. It is not safe to read the article after the dinner, you may feel hungry again.

Traditional Italian wedding food


This wedding in Rome of Francesca and James was held in June 2014. After the church ceremony newlyweds and all the guests took the way out of the centre of Rome toward a little village, where a real Italian wedding banquet was prepared.

Italian cheese

We were absolutely read to the fact that the dinner was going to be a long and a substantial one, but even I could have thought of how surprising full it could be. Only after arrival to a cute old garden that hid the people from burning sun in its shadows I realised why the groom was doing his best to loose some kilos before the big day.

Italian wedding banquet

There were lots of tables with white blankets on them covered with plates of delicious masterpieces. Antipasti or starters were just numerous.


To my mind there were about 50 different kinds of antipasti. If to tell in slices and pieces, may be thousands.

What Italians eat at wedding

And that amount of food was cooked for 150 guests.


According to all traditions this is the chat who is responsible for the wedding menu, not the brides. The latter can mention their preferences and number of guests invited, the rest of the business is taken over by the crew. And what is more important, the intrigue is based not on the dishes and their number, but on the taste. Guest will estimate if the food was tasty or very tasty.

Italian wedding dinner

Personally I didn’t try anything new. Kidding, of course.


You know, all the dishes were cooked according to typical Italian wedding menu. Nothing special, just a crazy number of delicious things: sausages, cheeses, shrimps, oysters, mussels, bread, prosciutto, bruschettas, meat balls, fresh fish and vegetables, grilled fish, meat and vegetables, canapés, soup, lots of everything in frying oil. My stomach and my mouth could not keep following my eyes and hands.

How to cut prosciutto

You can only imagine how hard it is to work and shoot in such terrible conditions, when everything around smells as tasty as Italian cuisine can smell. But we are professionals and we know when to make a little pause.

Italian cuisine

Italians never hurry, especially in questions concerning food and eating. Antipasti stretched for three hours. Therefore I managed not only to picture all the process and guests, but also to try most of the delicious starters.

Wedding reception

All the guests were chatting and enjoying the evening.

romantic wedding dinner

Suddenly I realised that it was already the second hour of eating, but the amount of food didn’t decrease at all.

wedding starters

I wanted to drop into the kitchen to see how that magic tablecloth looked like, but my mission was to capture the people with help of my cameras and to capture the taste of the food with help of my mouth.


So the secret was kept in the kitchen.



After three our of starters guests were finally ready to move forward. Francesca and James invited everyone to take the places around one of the tables hidden in the shade of ancient trees. I saw my colleagues’ faces puzzled with a question: «More food?» Yup! More and more! That was real Italian wedding!

Real Italian wedding

Working with lots of weddings in different parts of the world I got used to numerous speeches, loud music and revivers of alcohol. But in Italian tradition, marriage is first of all a family dinner. And in case someone wants to say something sweet or congratulate the couple, they come up during the day and say all the wishes in private. Just the same thing with presents.


When you are a guest at the wedding in Italy, you have to eat properly and to talk as much as you can. And I have noticed relation of talking to food. The more Italians eat, the more they talk to each other.

Wedding in Italy

The first course was pasta. Nothing special, just absolutely delicious fettuccine with a source. Waiters were flying along the garden with huge pans full of pasta delivering the meal hot and fresh to all the guests.

Decorated wedding tables

There were three courses of pasta! Three times for 150 guests. And with every new portion the taste was more and more delicious, so that no one could resist.

Wedding reception in Italy

During the dinner the bride and the groom were wondering from table to table to speak with the guests and to take a group picture with every family or company. Our team of professional photographers and videographers was also under sweet control of James. Several times during the evening he came up to us asking whether we felt well and whether we ate.


And we ate. Yes, we tried all the dishes and they all were amazing. Pasta is not light and one can’t eat much of it. But the chef managed to cook the most popular italian dish the way everyone enjoyed it!

how to arrange tables for wedding with 150 guests

I don’t know whether it was good or bad, but we missed the last hot dish. It was steak with backed potatoes. I only could see its perfection in shape and to feel the breathtaking smell, while I was taking the photos. At that moment some of guests were ready with a special surprise for the newlyweds and together we went inside.



One kilo of sweet everything at 1 a.m. is the best ever end of any party. Again there were so many things to try more than the eyes could take in. Wedding cake, little cakes, tiramisu, chocolate, caramel and sweets.

Italian deserts

I could not believe that all these things can be eaten after such a dinner we had. I was wrong.

Wedding deserts
There were two wedding cakes. The first and the big was a classic one. The second – special for the newlyweds.


James is keen on paintball game. Therefore friends decorated the cake in such style.

Unique wedding cake


I would also like to draw your attention to the way Italians drink at weddings. The fact is that I’ve never seen a drunk guest at the wedding dinner. And there are several reasons for it.

Aperitivo matrimoni

They start with aperitivo — light snacks with light alcohol, mostly champagne. In summer they also like to have Aperol Spritz — a refreshing bitter cocktail. Personally I don’t drink alcohol at all, but I still remember some of the flavours.

Aperol Spritz

Actually there are no limits for guests. You can drink as much as you can. The catering company has to fuel everyone with anything requested.

Catering in Italy

With main courses Italians like to drink either red or white vine, depending on what they eat. And after the dinner men usually have something stronger.

What to serve in Italian wedding dinner


And of course Italians won’t be themselves if they don’t drink coffee. I would but coffee on the same level with water. It was 1 a.m. and they were drinking espresso.

Italian food

That was a real italian wedding dinner of Francesca and James. All in all it lasted about 7 hours. According to local traditions that is just exactly how much time people need to eat properly and to speak with everyone. I think we can say, that success of any marriage in Italy depends strongly on how people eat. So if you plan your destination wedding in Rome or any other city, contact us to get more info and together we will create the best ever wedding dinner.