Juliet’s house in Verona: for Lina and Anton only

Verona Juliet's house Photographer in Italy

After amazing wedding ceremony in Castello di Pavone the Anton made a very romantic present for his beloved Lina. Right the following day after the official marriage in Italian castle they went for a honeymoon trip. And their first location was Juliet’s house in Verona. Yes, this is the very place where the most well-known love story in the world took place. And it doesn’t matter whether the story of Romeo and Juliet was real was or a fiction of William Shakespeare. Dreams are on top of everything.

Nowadays, this house is attraction number one for tourists. For this reason, it’s rather difficult to organise a romantic photo shooting in such a lovely place without unfamiliar faces in the pictures. But the one who really wants something – gets it.


The first thing you should do is to rent a room in Relais De Charme Il Sogno Di Giulietta Hotel. As it happens, the inner yard with famous balcony is reserved only for guests of the hotel. So, you can imagine yourself being Romeo and Juliet in the morning or evening without crowds of tourist around. But, let it be our secret!

Anton and Lina knew this trick and booked this unique hotel for their honeymoon trip around Italy. You can see gorgeous view of the inner yard and the balcony from your room.


It was my first shooting in this popular location, therefore I was pretty thrilled. In the evening we walked around the possible places where to make photos and early in the morning we began.

Photo shooting in Verona

How does it look like from inside?

The first morning pictures I took in a luxury and gorgeous hotel room where Anton and Lina stayed. Everything what you see in the photos below is real and functional. Moreover architectures and designers performed amazing work and planned the room in such a way that morning sun welcomes the guests and warms them.

Luxury hotel in Verona Honeymoon photography Gorgeous bride in Italy

Juliet’s morning in Verona


Verona photographer

And here we are! This is the very famous balcony of the Juliet’s house in Verona.

Honeymoon in Italy

balcony of the Juliet's house in Verona

Will you marry me? (c) Anton

Will you?

Romantic honeymoon photography in Italy

Rome and Juliet

Professional wedding photographer in Italy

I do find these photos extremely impressive, because they fully reflect the feelings Anton and Lina experienced that morning.

Juilet's bedroom

Inside the most popular house in Verona everything was restored the way it looked centuries ago.

Bride and groom Italian marriage photo Wedding photo Home of Rome and Juliet

Since all the tourist can leave a love message on the wall, we also decided to keep up with the tradition and left a sticker on the wall: Anton + Lina = Love

Love message in Verona


Once ageing I thank my dear brides for the sincere feelings and beauty they shared with me. We did great work together and I do believe that all these wedding and honeymoon pictures will remain you about lovely days spent in the Italian castle and of course about the morning we enjoyed in Juliet’s house. How about planning your first anniversary?

Sincerely, Artur Jakutsevich

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome