Vienna photo shooting for Elena and Dmitry: together forever
Vienna is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in the World. Tourist travel to the capital of Austria for different reasons. The most popular things
Wedding trip to Riomaggiore: Egor and Olga
Today I will illustrate in wedding photos from Riomaggiore one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. This is one of five fisherman villages located in Cinque
Ischia honeymoon photo shooting for Anton and Ksenia
Today I will tell you a story about honeymoon in Ischia. To my mind Italy is the richest country in the world for interesting places attractive to brides and grooms
Wedding photography in Rome: Julia and Roman
Julia and Roman got married in Italy. It was the start of their holidays in Rome. The ceremony took place at Amalfi coast near the biggest and most famous pizzeria
Rome Love Story photography for Olga and Daniel
There are a lot of reasons why people search for a photographer. Someone wants to have a surprising engagement, the other would like to have their wedding being
Summer photo shooting in Rome: Irina and Grigorij
Irina and Grigorij decided to spent their honeymoon in Italy and planned to have a summer photo shooting in Rome. So some months before the wedding they started
Night photo shooting in Rome: Irina and Grigorij
This is the second part of the story about Irina and Grigorij and their honeymoon trip to Rome. After the morning session we decided to have some time to relax and
Destination wedding in Prague in October
Autumn wedding in Prague: Leisan & Peter
October is one of the most colourful months in Czech Republic. Autumn is already ruling the party: numerous parks and gardens are painted in yellow, red and orange
Destination wedding in Prague
Winning a wedding in Prague: Elena and Ivan
Try to imagine the following: there is a person that is ready to make your dream come true. What would be your wish? A house by the sea, lots of money or a fancy car?
Wedding at Garda Lake Italy photo
Lake Garda Wedding: Svetlana and Sergei
Today I will tell you a story about one very special project I worked at this year: Lake Garda wedding. You know, Italy is a country of enormous amount of sightseeings
Wedding in France
Elopement in Chateau Challain: Veronika and Anzor
What associations with France do you have? As for me, France is a country of castles, princes, perfumes, and vines. By the way there are more then 10 000 castles
Honeymoon in Rome
Honeymoon in Rome, Irina and Alexander
My dear friends, I have a very fresh shooting from honeymoon in Rome of Irina and Alexander. Together we spent a beautiful morning and now I’
My beautiful wife in Vienna
It’s always good when you have a photo camera, and it’s even better when you have someone to shoot. I have both! I’m a lucky man. So another photo session
Photo shooting on Villa Doria Pamphilj in Rome
The first reason why I love Rome so much is that I do like taking pictures here. Italian capital inspires me greatly. Now it is December and not so many couples
Engagement photography in Amsterdam: Elena and Dmirty
Amsterdam is an extremely beautiful city. I love it, because it presents something unique for every one. For me it presents autumn and winter. As I’ve never come