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Dear lovers,

Welcome to my portfolio! I’m Artur, a professional wedding photographer based in Italy. I live in Rome, but I also shoot in Prague, Paris, Venice and Florence, and any other city in the world. On this website, there are more than a hundred photoshoots from 15 different countries. Here I’m showing a lot of examples of my work and explain the particularities of the photo shooting, so you understand what to expect.

Please make a booking at least three months in advance. The starting price for a photoshoot is 300 euro.

If you have any questions, please send them through the contact form.

Artur Jakutsevich

Engagement in Prague
Engagement photography in Prague: Peter and Alina
Peter and Alina are my friends, who have been living in Czechia for recent several years. They are together from the high school. These examples of engagement photography
photoshoot in Paris La Defense
Photoshoot in Paris: La Defense — my Jane is a fashion model
August 2013 was a very hot month. I would even call it a wedding marathon. Within 2 weeks I visited 3 different european countries and finally landed in France to
Wedding in France
Elopement in Chateau Challain: Veronika and Anzor
What associations with France do you have? As for me, France is a country of castles, princes, perfumes, and vines. By the way there are more then 10 000 castles
Photographer in Rome
Engagement in January Rome: Elena and Roman
So weeks ago I had a chance to meet a lovely couple from Odessa, Ukraine during their engagement in Rome. I did enjoy the day and time spent together with my new friends.
Verona Juliet's house
Juliet’s house in Verona: for Lina and Anton only
After amazing wedding ceremony in Castello di Pavone the Anton made a very romantic present for his beloved Lina. Right the following day after the official marriage
Vienna photo shooting for Elena and Dmitry: together forever
Vienna is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in the World. Tourist travel to the capital of Austria for different reasons. The most popular things
Honeymoon in Rome
Honeymoon in Rome: Graeme and Karen
Graeme and Karen came to Italy from the USA to celebrate their first lovely days after the wedding — honeymoon in Rome. We discussed with them the plan of the shooting
Photo shooting on Villa Doria Pamphilj in Rome
The first reason why I love Rome so much is that I do like taking pictures here. Italian capital inspires me greatly. Now it is December and not so many couples
Wedding photoshooting in April in Rome for Gulyaim & Gani
I met Gulyaim and Gani in April during their honeymoon in Rome. Together we spent a amazing day: walked through the Eternal City, saw the dawn, took a lot of beautiful
pre wedding photo in Paris
Be natural 2021/2022 Wedding trend
Dear newlyweds, after plenty of organisational issue, it is high time to pay attention to yourself. Keep in mind — wedding photos as well as your mood depend on
Summer photo shooting in Rome: Irina and Grigorij
Irina and Grigorij decided to spent their honeymoon in Italy and planned to have a summer photo shooting in Rome. So some months before the wedding they started
Make-up artist in Rome, Italy – who to choose to get the best look
I always say that wedding in Italy as well as in any other place of the world is one of the most important thing, the one you can’t replay.
Destination wedding in Prague in October
Autumn wedding in Prague: Leisan & Peter
October is one of the most colourful months in Czech Republic. Autumn is already ruling the party: numerous parks and gardens are painted in yellow, red and orange
Xinyi & Samuel: wedding photo shooting in Riomaggiore (Italy) in June
Xinyi and Samuel planned a honeymoon trip to Italy in June. They had a dream to arrange a professional photo shooting in a fisherman village Riomaggiore located
Wedding in Germany: Marina and Bartek
Brides and grooms often ask me to show full version of a big day photo shootings. They need it to have clear vision of possible result they can expect.
Photographer in Venice
Pre wedding photo shooting in Venice: Carson and Agnes
There are a lot of information about the city and its incredible atmosphere, but to feel it one should go there. Believe me, it is too hard to describe Venice in words.
Honeymoon in Rome photos
Honeymoon photo shooting in Rome: Anna and Kirill
I’m very happy to make this post and let me explain to you the reason. Originally I come from Belarus, where I was born and went to school and University.
Honeymoon photos from Rome Salina & Terry
Salina and Terry came to Italy from Singapore not only to eat and discover the country, but also to bring back home honeymoon photos from Rome. They did a proper
Honeymoon in Rome
Honeymoon in Rome, Irina and Alexander
My dear friends, I have a very fresh shooting from honeymoon in Rome of Irina and Alexander. Together we spent a beautiful morning and now I’
Engagement photographer in Paris France
Pre-wedding in Paris: photos of Alvin and Tong Tong
The following part of pre-wedding photo shooting in Paris for Alvin and Tong-Tong we started with another popular place in French capital — Louvre museum.
Wedding photographer in Czech Republic Prague
Luxury wedding in Prague: Azat and Tatiana
My friends, this is a very beautiful post about gorgeous ceremony of Azat and Tatiana held in Czech Republic. This luxury wedding in Prague became real treasure
Fifth wedding anniversary in Rome: Margarita and Brooks
What I like about my profession are the people who I meet. Moments when he asks “Will you?” inspire, the most essential “Yes, I do!”
Another award: best wedding photo of the day
Early in the morning I received an email: “Liebe/r Artur Jakutsevich Herzlichen GlĂĽckwunsch!Ihr Bild wurde heute zum “Foto des Tages”
Gulyaim & Gani: Night engagement photoshooting in Rome Trastevere
The same day but after the honeymoon morning shooting in Rome we continue with Gulyaim and Gani taking pictures in the Italian capital. Official dress and suit were