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Dear lovers,

Welcome to my portfolio! I’m Artur, a professional wedding photographer based in Italy. I live in Rome, but I also shoot in Prague, Paris, Venice and Florence, and any other city in the world. On this website, there are more than a hundred photoshoots from 15 different countries. Here I’m showing a lot of examples of my work and explain the particularities of the photo shooting, so you understand what to expect.

Please make a booking at least three months in advance. The starting price for a photoshoot is 300 euro.

If you have any questions, please send them through the contact form.

Artur Jakutsevich

Another award: best wedding photo of the day
Early in the morning I received an email: “Liebe/r Artur Jakutsevich Herzlichen Glückwunsch!Ihr Bild wurde heute zum “Foto des Tages”
Casual photo shooting in Rome
Casual photo shooting in Rome: Risa and Tatsuya
After a honeymoon session in white gown and suit, we decided with Risa and Tatsuya that March in Rome is a fantastic period for a casual photo shooting as well.
Destination Wedding in France: Mohammed and Amelia
Several months ago I published a story about elopement in Chateau Challain. Veronica and Anzor came to France after they got married in Russia to spent several days in a fairy-tale.
Photographer in Amsterdam
Autumn Photo shooting in Amsterdam in October
Autumn photo shooting in Amsterdam in October is always a good idea. The city turns red an yellow. The air is fresh and comfortably warm. My new friends from Vladivostok
how much cost wedding photographer?
Honeymoon in Prague: Anna and Sergey
You remember, my dear readers, that Czech Republic is a very popular and on the other hand it is a very friendly country for sweet couples searching for romantic places.
german wedding site
German wedding site: you made the photo of the day
Today, in my inbox I found a very exciting email: “Liebe/r Artur Jakutsevich Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ihr Bild wurde heute zum “Foto des Tages”
Wedding photographer in Paris France
Wedding Photography in Paris: Alvin and Tong Tong
Let me introduce a sweet couple from Singapore — Alvin and Tong Tong. Their engagement in Paris I was shooting in May. The decision to come to Europe was based on
Wedding anniversary in Rome
Wedding anniversary in Rome: Yang and Minh
Two years ago Yang and Minh got married. From that very day they decided to celebrate every year their big day visiting new countries and booking a professional
Wedding photo shooting in Paris
Honeymoon in Paris: Vlad and Lada
It is not a secret that Paris is the most romantic city in the World. That’s why photo session of sweethearts in this city is an extremely interesting and inspiring
Wedding photoshoot in Rome in March
March Wedding Photoshoot in Rome – Risa and Tatsuya
Today I will tell you about Risa and Tatsuya, who came to Italy from Japan. Right after the marriage in their home country, they took a plane and in 12 hours, appeared
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Rome – List of the Most Beautiful Places
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Rome for Gulyaim & Gani
I met Gulyaim and Gani in April during their honeymoon in Rome. Together we had a fantastic day: we walked through the Eternal City, saw the dawn, took many beautiful
Destination wedding
Honeymoon in Italy: Daphne and Garry
My dear friends, let me introduce you to a wonderful couple from Hong Kong: Daphne and Garry. They planned to spent their honeymoon in Italy and found me as a photographer
Jewish wedding in Prague
Jewish wedding in Prague: Alena and Michail
Jewish wedding in Prague is a very common thing nowadays. Usually couples from Israel arrange their marriages in Czech Republic with a few guest, just to have the papers singed.
Wedding photoshoot in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Night Wedding Photoshoot in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
I like to dream and build plans. They make us move forward. Without plans, our life becomes a routine. Sometimes my dreams come too far, but even though I could
Sightseeing tour in Prague guide photographer
Walking tour with photographer in Prague for Nastja and Kirill
Let me introduce you my dear followers a very cute couple Nastja and Kirill. This summer in August we had a very romantic, but on the other hands very sad walking
January Wedding Photoshoot in Rome: Dorene and Jason
Wedding photography in Rome is my primary occupation. Therefore I do my best always to perform extraordinary results. And I’m happy to say that couples willing
Photographer in Venice
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Venice: Carson and Agnes
There are a lot of information about the city and its incredible atmosphere, but to feel it one should go there. Believe me, it is too hard to describe Venice in words.
Wedding in Prague photography
Wedding in Prague: questions and answers
I’ve been working in Prague for some years already and I’ve noticed, that more and more couples either from East: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and west: Germany, France
Rome engagement photography
From Rome with Love: Wendy & Alex photo shooting in Italy
I met Wendy and Alex in Rome during their engagement in Italy in July. The brides came from the USA to enjoy the beauty of most popular Italian cities and decided
July Photo Shooting in Rome: Holly and Jordan
Holly and Jordan came to Rome in July from Dallas (Texas, USA) to celebrate their engagement and do a family photo shoot with Holly’s mother and brothers.
Love Story photo shooting in night Rome for Serena and Ryan
Night Rome engagement photo shooting for Serena and Ryan we started at the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola at Gianicolo Hill (or Janiculum). These views I’ve already
photoshoot in Paris La Defense
Photoshoot in Paris: La Defense — my Jane is a fashion model
August 2013 was a very hot month. I would even call it a wedding marathon. Within 2 weeks I visited 3 different european countries and finally landed in France to
Traditional Food at an Italian Wedding
What associations come to your mind when someone is speaking about a wedding? White dress, nerves, photographers, guests, relatives, bouquets? And what if we add
Engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam in September
Engagement Photo Shooting in Amsterdam
I would like to share a new report about an engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam by my friend and colleague, professional photographer Vladimir Novikov.