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Dear lovers,

Welcome to my portfolio! I’m Artur, a professional wedding photographer based in Italy. I live in Rome, but I also shoot in Prague, Paris, Venice and Florence, and any other city in the world. On this website, there are more than a hundred photoshoots from 15 different countries. Here I’m showing a lot of examples of my work and explain the particularities of the photo shooting, so you understand what to expect.

Please make a booking at least three months in advance. The starting price for a photoshoot is 300 euro.

If you have any questions, please send them through the contact form.

Artur Jakutsevich

Wedding photography in Rome: Julia and Roman
Julia and Roman got married in Italy. It was the start of their holidays in Rome. The ceremony took place at Amalfi coast near the biggest and most famous pizzeria
Night photo shooting in Rome: Irina and Grigorij
This is the second part of the story about Irina and Grigorij and their honeymoon trip to Rome. After the morning session we decided to have some time to relax and
Rome Love Story photography for Olga and Daniel
There are a lot of reasons why people search for a photographer. Someone wants to have a surprising engagement, the other would like to have their wedding being
Honeymoon in Rome
Honeymoon in Rome, Irina and Alexander
My dear friends, I have a very fresh shooting from honeymoon in Rome of Irina and Alexander. Together we spent a beautiful morning and now I’
Vienna photo shooting for Elena and Dmitry: together forever
Vienna is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in the World. Tourist travel to the capital of Austria for different reasons. The most popular things
Ischia honeymoon photo shooting for Anton and Ksenia
Today I will tell you a story about honeymoon in Ischia. To my mind Italy is the richest country in the world for interesting places attractive to brides and grooms
Wedding photographer in Paris France
Wedding Photography in Paris: Alvin and Tong Tong
Let me introduce a sweet couple from Singapore — Alvin and Tong Tong. Their engagement in Paris I was shooting in May. The decision to come to Europe was based on
Wedding at Garda Lake Italy photo
Lake Garda Wedding: Svetlana and Sergei
Today I will tell you a story about one very special project I worked at this year: Lake Garda wedding. You know, Italy is a country of enormous amount of sightseeings
Make-up artist in Rome, Italy – who to choose to get the best look
I always say that wedding in Italy as well as in any other place of the world is one of the most important thing, the one you can’t replay.
Wedding photographer in Barcelona Spain
Wedding in Spain: photos of Adam and Jessica
Adam and Jessica’s wedding in Spain, close to Barcelona, was a brilliant example of a well-planed event with about 30 guests, luxurious ceremony at the beach
wedding photoshooting in Barcelona
Wedding Photo Shooting in Barcelona for Ka Yi and William
The wedding photo shooting in Barcelona is the 4th one we have had with Ka Yi and William. I am sure you will enjoy the sessions from Singapore and Park Guel.
Engagement photographer in Prague Czech Republic
Honeymoon in Prague: Slawomir and Julia
Let me share with you one of my beloved June photo shootings in Czech Republic. This is Julia and Slawomir, a lovely couple, whose honeymoon in Prague I was capturing.
Engagement in Prague
Engagement photography in Prague: Peter and Alina
Peter and Alina are my friends, who have been living in Czechia for recent several years. They are together from the high school. These examples of engagement photography
Rene and Anna near John Lennon wall
Engagement in Prague: Anna and Rene
Every summer brings a lot of projects: new places, new faces. And every couple I work with is unique, but every year I meet particular lovers that make the whole
Love Story photo shooting in night Rome for Serena and Ryan
Night Rome engagement photo shooting for Serena and Ryan we started at the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola at Gianicolo Hill (or Janiculum). These views I’ve already
January Wedding Photoshoot in Rome: Dorene and Jason
Wedding photography in Rome is my primary occupation. Therefore I do my best always to perform extraordinary results. And I’m happy to say that couples willing
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Rome – List of the Most Beautiful Places
April Wedding Photo Shooting in Rome for Gulyaim & Gani
I met Gulyaim and Gani in April during their honeymoon in Rome. Together we had a fantastic day: we walked through the Eternal City, saw the dawn, took many beautiful
Wedding photographer in Florence
Pre wedding photo shooting in Florence
Agnes and Carson were very happy to see one of the most popular cities in Italy in April. This pre wedding or better to say engagement trip to Florence would give
Engagement in Rome
Autumn engagement in Rome: Ronald and Dorothy
In this article I will tell you a story about autumn Engagement in Rome. It was a photo shooting carried out by my colleague and photographer Vladimir Novikov.
wedding photographer in Belarus
Breaking bad wedding: Kate, Kirill and their crazy friends
Brest is my home-town, therefore it’s always a pleasure for me to come to work there. One more time I got convinced, that actual destination where the wedding takes
Wedding in France
Elopement in Chateau Challain: Veronika and Anzor
What associations with France do you have? As for me, France is a country of castles, princes, perfumes, and vines. By the way there are more then 10 000 castles
Destination Wedding in France: Mohammed and Amelia
Several months ago I published a story about elopement in Chateau Challain. Veronica and Anzor came to France after they got married in Russia to spent several days in a fairy-tale.
Sightseeing tour in Prague guide photographer
Walking tour with photographer in Prague for Nastja and Kirill
Let me introduce you my dear followers a very cute couple Nastja and Kirill. This summer in August we had a very romantic, but on the other hands very sad walking
Engagement in Italy Rome May
Engagement in Italy: Sandy and David
My dear readers and brides. I have a new couple to introduce to you. They came from Canada where they live and work. Sandy and David found my articles with tips