Gulyaim & Gani: Night engagement photoshooting in Rome Trastevere

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The same day but after the honeymoon morning shooting in Rome we continue with Gulyaim and Gani taking pictures in the Italian capital. Official dress and suit were changed for a casual look, the atmosphere and the background were also quite different.

It was April, to my mind one of the best period to have a shooting on the bank of the river, because in summer the whole territory is packed with tents: games, restaurants, shops and etc. Every evening locals and tourists would calm and enjoy a bit of fresh night air with a glass of vine sitting at the table near the river.

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The piece of earth between two streams of the river is called the Tiber island. In the 3d century it was first used a medical island and today it is a very atmospheric and quite romantic place for a photo shooting.

April in Rome

River in Rome

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This is one of my favourite photos from the whole set — the river, Eternal City and two beloved people.

Engagement photo in Rome

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Romantic photo shooting in Rome

April in Rome

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Trastevere in Rome

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Romantic photoshooting in Italy at night

Rome at night


Birdge Sisto

April in Rome

Night photo shooting in Rome

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That night shooting in Rome we ended by the Sisto Bridge, which I consider to be the most beautiful in the whole Eternal city. My dear Gulyaim and Gani we had a very long and pleasant day. I’m proud of the results!

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich
Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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