30 facts

wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Italian wedding photographer

  1. I was born in Brest (Belarus).
  2. I’m Belorussian of Polish origin.
  3. The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War” by Jaroslav Hasek is my favourite book.
  4. Every Sunday I visit sauna with my friends.
  5. I like playing basketball.
  6. Since February 2011 I’m a member of the wedding photojournalists WPJA.COM which unites the best photographers from around the world.
  7. I finished Gymnasium N1, which is in Brest.
  8. Until 2006, I didn’t even thought of being a photographer.
  9. I love mathematics and I’m good at it, therefore I had to choose science and photography.
  10. Since 2008 I’ve been shooting weddings professionally.
  11. I never make people do anything, I just capture the moments.
  12. Wedding shooting is huge responsibility and honour for me.
  13. I’ve been in many countries, but dream of visiting every country.
  14. I love to picture little kids and sometimes random people in the streets.
  15. Cars are important, but I never pay attention on which one you drive to me.
  16. Together with my friend and colleague Alexander Znaharchuk we are the artistic directors of MONGOOSES.TV wedding studio.
  17. I have my private photo school in Rome.
  18. I’m keen on everything Italian.
  19. One captured moment is priceless.
  20. Since 2013 I live in Rome, Italy.
  21. I dream of flying into the space.
  22. I love music and good movies.
  23. I’m a cheerful and positive person.
  24. I adore people who are not afraid to be themselves.
  25. If you like my works, I will come with you to any place of the world.
  26. It is never late to get married.
  27. I love summer.
  28. I like walking in the rain.
  29. I don’t drink alcohol.
  30. One should have at least one dream.

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