photoshooting in Tarragona
Photoshooting in Tarragona
Vladimir and Valria decided to combine September holidays at seaside in Salou (Spain) with a romantic photo shooting in Tarragona — one of the most attractive towns in Catalonia.
Engagement in Prague
Engagement photo shooting in Prague: Sasha and Kevin
Let me share with you another beautiful photo shooting carried out by my friend and colleague, professional photographer in Prague Vladimir Novikov. “
Honeymoon in Rome photos
Honeymoon photo shooting in Rome: Anna and Kirill
I’m very happy to make this post and let me explain to you the reason. Originally I come from Belarus, where I was born and went to school and University.
photographer Artur Jakutsevich
Wedding in Prague — Liza & Denis & ???
This gruesome-twosome had a long and thorny way to their wedding in Prague. Denis came to conquer the city few years ago, while Liza, having finished the school
Engagement photographer in Prague Czech Republic
Honeymoon in Prague: Slawomir and Julia
Let me share with you one of my beloved June photo shootings in Czech Republic. This is Julia and Slawomir, a lovely couple, whose honeymoon in Prague I was capturing.
wedding photographer in Belarus
Breaking bad wedding: Kate, Kirill and their crazy friends
Brest is my home-town, therefore it’s always a pleasure for me to come to work there. One more time I got convinced, that actual destination where the wedding takes
Traditional wedding in Poland
Wedding in Poland: photos of Slawomir and Julia
I’m pleased to share with you, my dear readers and couples one of my first photo shooting in Europe. That was the wedding in Poland of Slawomir and Julia.