Engagement photo shooting in Prague: Sasha and Kevin

Engagement in Prague English speaking wedding photographer in Prague

Let me share with you another beautiful photo shooting carried out by my friend and colleague, professional photographer in Prague Vladimir Novikov.

“I am always glad to see among the couples traveling to the Czech Republic people from all over the world. But especially happy I am, when my friends plan to have an engagement photo shooting in Prague and ask me to their photographer. This photo session I carried out for Sasha and Kevin. They came to the city of 100 spires in June and we had amazing time together.

  • Wedding in Alps of Sasha and Kevin

June in Prague

June in Prague is the time of early morning sessions. The weather is warm and the city is very romantic. I like to start our engagement photo shootings in Prague from Old Town Square. At 5 a.m. we were at the place enjoying calm atmosphere of early morning city. But for us we there were only few tourists wondering around after the night party.

Love Story in Prague

There are another two positive sides of such an early rise and having engagement photo shooting in Prague in the morning: beautiful light and comfortable temperature in the streets.

Ideas for a photo shooting in Prague

Streets of Prague

Sasha and Kevin are very beautiful. The couple is cute, calm and full of love. They are also very tall. So I used all the tools I had that day to make the engagement shooting in Prague unique.

Charles Bridge

One of the symbols of Prague is Charles Bridge. To my mind this is a very magnificent construction with huge energy. Every sun rise at Charles Bridge is unique and very beautiful. By the way, it is also a great place to get charged with energy.

As a professional photographer in Prague I know that such important attractions are very popular with tourists. And even in the morning the crowd is at the place and want to take photos not only of the bridge. They also aim at my beautiful couple.

Special interest had these ladies from Asia. They were impressed with the beauty of Sasha and Kevin. To play a joke and to let us work alone, I notified street photographers that they have to pay my “models” 50 Euros for each picture. They thought it was true and I had to explain that it was a joke. After everyone stopped laughing we took a group picture for good long memory.

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

The next spot where we decided to take photo was Prague Castle with amazing background of St. Vitus Cathedral. The latter is one of the most impressive examples of gothic style in architecture.

Evening photo shooting at Slapy

After some hour of relax at home we went for the second part of the engagement shooting in Prague. The place is called Slapy and is located some 30 minutes drive from the city centre. There is another place where we dropped in on our way to the lake. It is called Maj and opens amazing view on the valley of Vltava river.

Sasha and Kevin you are so cute!

We arrived to the lake at the sunset. The light was amazing! We rented a small motor boat and went for a ride. Slapy is a very popular location for a weekend trip from Prague, because it is quite clean, nice and there are cafes and restaurants. Even though I live in Prague many years, it was my first engagement photo shooting in this place. I was happy as a photographer to get such amazing light and colors.

If you are planning a trip to Czechia and would like to have a professional English speaking photographer in your team, let me know in contact. Any ideas for a pre wedding and engagement photo shootings in Prague are welcome! Sincerely yours,


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