Engagement in Prague: Anna and Rene

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Every summer brings a lot of projects: new places, new faces. And every couple I work with is unique, but every year I meet particular lovers that make the whole season unforgettable. My friends Anna and Rene are among them, whom I suddenly met one day in the street. As a result, we carried out a fantastic engagement in the Prague photo shooting. So please, find below the story and the photos from one June morning.

Engagement in Prague

We started our photo shooting early in the morning. The city was waking up when we were on our planned route. And the plan was to capture some moments of love with a fascinating background of the attractions and most popular places of interest.

Old Town Square

In the “must-see places” list in the Czech Republic, Old Town Square is among the 10 first positions. This used to be a historical, political, cultural, and trade center of the old town. Nowadays, this is the Square with the most recognizable symbols of the Czech Capital. Therefore lots of tourists flood the area all day round. Thus the only way to take some photos in Old Town Square is to get up early and be creative. 

Ideas Engagement photo in Prague Old Town Square

We managed to implement the idea of Rene in the photo above. No people around, just two beloveds are lying on the stones of the Square.

Gothic VS Bright

While planning this engagement in Prague, we discussed all the locations where to go. Anna suggested having a mixture of street photos with some taken in a garden. And, of course, we wanted to reflect not only the gothic character of the city but also to show its bright side.

Prague engagement photography

I personally like the morning Prague because it has a magical atmosphere. In childhood, I used to read a lot of fairy tales and always had in my imagination the view of an old city. So, my first visit to the Czech capital opened me to the idea of the place like in my dreams. Therefore I’m like to discover new places so early, without crowds of tourists and locals.

Morning in Prague Ideas Engagement photo

The brightest place with a fantastic ambiance and exciting pictures is the Lennon Wall. Tourists, lovers and young people like to take photos near the wall. Together with Anna and Rene, we didn’t miss such an opportunity to capture picturesque views of the Lennon wall without crowds.

Lennon wall photo creative ideas for couple

We started to climb the Prague Palace, which opens gorgeous views over the city and the river. This is another must see place, because the Palace is one of the most popular attractions. And I think you already follow my thought about the best time in Prague for engagement photography.

Prague engagement photography creative ideas

That June morning gave us sunny weather and a perfect mood. Ideas came to us with every new step. The Sun was our guide!

Engagement photographer in Prague creative ideas with shadows

If one day you are going to visit Czech Republic and its capital, try to recollect this engagement photo story and to find the tree in the picture below in order to take the same picture with no people.

Prague Creative Ideas for Engagement photo

Romantic trams

To save some time walking down the hills, we decided to take a tram. Even I, as a professional wedding photographer, couldn’t have expected that the idea of fast transportation would be another step of the story. However, with the help of the great morning light, I managed to take some gorgeous shots.

Prague Creative Ideas for Engagement photo

We broke some rules and looked the windows, though a sticker asks not to hang out of the window. We were young and crazy, full in love and desire to make something really special!

Prague Creative Ideas Engagement photo

Prague Creative Ideas Engagement photo

Charles Bridge

If you ask about the most mysterious and atmospheric place in Prague, I would undoubtedly say that such a place is the famous Charle bridge. It has fascinating legends, and it is beautiful and impressive. Therefore thousands of tourists coming to see the Czech Republic and its capital have this Bridge among must-see places. We also went to the area to take some unique engagement photos.

Charles Bridge photo Prague Creative Ideas Engagement

We spent about 4 hours with Rene and Anna walking the city and taking photos. The time flew fast, and after the picture on the Bridge, we finished this engagement in Prague photo shooting to see each other one day on the big day of these two beauties.

Thank you so much, Rene and Anna. Your couple is always in my heart!
Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome