Wedding in Prague — Liza & Denis & ???

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This gruesome-twosome had a long and thorny way to their wedding in Prague. Denis came to conquer the city few years ago, while Liza, having finished the school, decided to study in one of the universities in the capital of the Czech Republic. At that time they could hardly imagine that this was the very path to their future marriage. Moreover at the time of the actual event there were not two of them, but three. Namely: Denis, Liza and their future baby. Luckily I was invited as a photographer to capture that day!

Bride’s mooring

Lovely bride Liza in Prague

I hardly remember any wedding when I worked with a pregnant bride. But as a professional wedding photographer, I would like to say, that pregnancy of a bride makes me fill confident and adds some kind of magic to the ceremony.

Groom Denis in Prague

To say honestly, I do like to shoot weddings in Prague like the one described in this article. In case the event is held at the Old Town Hall after the ceremony we start a photo shooting around Prague Castle, Gardens and other attractions. The most important as usually is to create relationships between bride-groom and me as a photographer in which true emotions will be reviled, so that I could capture them. That is why I am glad when my clients entrust me not only the ceremony, but also morning preparations.

Wedding photos

What happens in such a morning? Usually the stylists prepare the bride for the most important day of her life. The groom is a bit nervous and is looking for tight spot from time to time. It is really funny! Especially when your are on the other side of the camera doing your best to catch the moments.

Gorgeous bride

Wedding in Prague — Liza & Denis & ???

Morning preparations is one of the most important part of a wedding story. And it does not matter whether it is in Prague or any other city. Emotions and true love are important!

Wedding in Prague — Liza & Denis & ???

Wedding ceremony at Old Town Hall (Staroměstská radnice)

When Liza and Denis were prepared for the day to begin, we took a long car to make a shot trip from their house to the Old Town Square, where the wedding ceremony was planned. Since it was not my first marriage in the Old Town Hall of Prague, I coud give some useful advice to the brides.

Wedding ceremony at Old Town Hall (Staroměstská radnice)

But I was a bit late with my information and advice. On the way to the ceremony, the groom had to change his best man, as the latter had forgotten the passport. According to the Czech law it is impossible to witness a marriage without this document.

Wedding ceremony at Old Town Hall

After long preparations entire wedding ceremony at the Old Town Hall of Prague passed in one breath. Bride and groom were nervous a bit, but holding hands they managed to fight that feeling and actually they shone with happiness. Moreover the smiles and congratulations of relatives and friends helped to forget all the worries. By the way, dozens of tourists gathered to congratulate Denis and Liza under Astronomical clock in the Old Town Square.

Prague wedding photographer

Oh, Italians! They do love kisses, hugs and of course photos from the marriage. So if you find anyone you know in this picture, just send this photo to him or her!

The most romantic place to go

Romantic Prague

Traditionally after the ceremony we went for a photo shooting around beautiful streets of spring city. By the way It was an amazing April day in Prague. So it was quite warm and we could enjoy all the most attractive and romantic locations in the city. In the plan we had numerous variants, but when we were actually discussing the schedule and preferences we stopped over the following: the Palace, Vrtbovsky Garden and other romantic venues.

Prague Palace

Prague castle

Prague Palace met us with tourists, light and gave us positive emotions. As Denis said: «It is the first time I am walkig here with a bride». It is so true. When you live in the city you forget how beautiful it is and only such important events as weddings can remind of it.

Vrtbovsky Garden (Vrtbovska Zahrada)

After noisy and full of tourists Palace our newlyweds had a great chance to enjoy silence and beauty of the ancient Vrtba (Vrtbovska) Gardens. Few tourists know about this place, so it allows to cast into a fairy tale without any unexpected people.

Vrtbovsky Garden (Vrtbovska Zahrada)

Despite Denis and Liza know every corner of the city, it seamed, that they saw all the beauty of the city for the first time.

Vrtbovsky Garden photo

Prague view

Wedding photographer in Prague Artur Jakutsevich

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Wedding in Prague

Wedding flowers Prague

All in all we spent about 3 hours taking photos and enjoying amazing April weather. But time flew and I had to let them go and meet the guests, which were already waiting for in the restaurant. But this is already another story, which is not included into this article.

Amazing wedding photos

On behalf of our studio, I would like to thank Denis, Elizabeth, and their daughter Savanna for the trust and honor to be chosen as a  photographer for the wedding in the Old Town City Hall of Prague. This project was carried out by me, Artur Jakutsevich, and  my colleague and assistant Vladimir Novikov. If you like these photos from the event, feel free to comment and ask questions.

Sincerely yours,

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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