Jewish wedding in Prague: Alena and Michail

Jewish wedding in Prague English speaking wedding photographer in Prague

Jewish wedding in Prague is a very common thing nowadays. Usually couples from Israel arrange their marriages in Czech Republic with a few guest, just to have the papers singed. And there are several reasons for it. At first I didn’t understand why is happens so, but after a couple of projects with Jewish brides and grooms, I got to know the answers to my questions.

Israel is one of the countries with no institute of a civil marriage. All the weddings there are religious. That’s why only jews are allowed to get marry in Israel. And that’s why, those who are not jews need to have a destination wedding either in the Czech Republic (in Prague for example) or in Cyprus. There is an international agreement that allows people to marry abroad and to have their families registered.

Jewish wedding in Prague

Alena and Michail were the first couple from Israel I happened to work with as a wedding photographer in Prague in July. Their ceremony was held in one of the classical places of the city — the Town Hall in the Old Town Square. It was a very romantic event with several guests who came to Czech Republic in order to congratulate a newborn family.

Wedding in Prague

Jewish marriage in Czech Republic

I was pretty worried before the event, as it was my first experience at such a marriage. Common ground between a photographer and a couple is the first step to a success. For this reason I met with Alena and Michail the day before their wedding in Prague, we discussed all the issues and planned the day properly.

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Well, as I’ve already mentioned, the ceremony was in the Old Town Hall, that is located in the very centre of Prague. This place is very beautiful and romantic. And what is more important people of all nationalities can marry there: Englishmen, Americans, Japanese — quite an international destination.

Israel wedding in Prague

After the ceremony we set for a walk around main attractions of the city to make lovely photos. During several hours spent together we managed to cover:

  • the Prague Castle;
  • Hradcany;
  • Mala Strana;
  • John Lennon Wall;
  • the bank of Vltava river;
  • the Charles bridge;

Old Town Square wedding photo

Wedding photographer in Prague

Jewish wedding photographer in Prague Jewish wedding photography in Prague

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Wedding ceremony in Old Town Square Praha

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Jewish wedding photography in Prague

Israel wedding in Prague

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Wedding photographer in Prague

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I would like to thank my friends Alena and Michail from Israel for choosing me as a Prague wedding photographer. Now I know, that Jewish marriages for Israelis can be interesting and cheerful. Thank you for your trust. It was a pleasure to work with you! How about your wedding anniversary in Rome or Paris?!

Yours, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome