Opinions about wedding and engagement photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Welcome friends on the page with the opinions and reviews of brides and grooms towards the works of professional wedding and engagement photographer in Rome and Italy — Artur Jakutsevich. I know that it is always hard to squeeze in your tough schedules several minutes to write a follow-up after the photo session in Rome, Prague or any other city, though it is very important for me. Therefore on the one hand I would like to strongly encourage all the couples I have ever been working to share opinions of how it was to work with professional me and on the other — all the newcomers are welcome to read the reviews and ask any questions about the offers and destinations.

One and a half year is behind our marriage in Italy! But you know our emotions and feelings are still alive and they even get stronger and stronger. That is why we decided to email you ones again to share our admiration of the work you performed during our wedding in Italy. Thank you very much, Artur, for your support and enthusiasm, for the light, energy and love that you shine with.

Please, continue your art and make happy as many people as possible.

Denis and Elena


Wow, words cannot express how thankful we are for such an incredible photographer who captured every moment from the proposal. Artur Jakutsevich you are amazing!!!

Pallavi & Ricky


The idea to go to Prague was a spontaneous one or it’s better to say it was Olga who suggested that we should go to Prague and I had nothing to do, but to agree. I was positively shocked with the weather that greeted us in Czech Capital. It was spring, sunny and very beautiful. In such conditions it is a real pleasure to discover this ancient city and its attractions.

But before coming there we were searching for a photographer in Prague, in order to have some memorable and at the same time exclusive. After first 3 pictures that we found in google with you copyright, it was obvious for us to choose you among the rest of Prague photographers. And I should say that after the tour you made for us we were sure to get lovely photos, because morning Prague is very unique. I have fallen in love with this city.

Thank you for the pictures. Some of them we will use in decorations of our new flat. Thank you very much from two of us! See you soon in Rome, Artur!

Lesha and Olga


Artur, thank you very much for the work you do!!! We are extremely pleased and at the moment I’m crying over the pictures, because they are gorgeous, we are gorgeous. Thank you so much for refreshing our feelings. After our wedding in Rome passed some time, therefore it seems to that such a term of editing the pictures makes us experience our big day again.

All our friends and relatives as so impressed by the wedding photos of yours. All the team of Mongooses.TV deserves the most sweet words for the things you do to people. You are professionals from the huge P! Thank you once again and let’s some time! I do hope to keep in touch with you guys!



Hello, Artur. Sorry for this delay with the review. It is true what you say above, the after the service is presented to you, it’s hard to find some to to write at least several lines of warm words. And I’m among the people with such a problem. Though, as you see some my impressions you can read here. Our wedding in Italy meant to be something very sincere and personal. You managed to reflect this idea in your work.

Thank you very much for the wedding pictures and genius ideas of your. I never though of being so handsome in photos! We managed to download photos just before our celebration with friends in Moscow, so every one could enjoy this masterpiece. Every single photo makes me remember the very moment and emotion I felt. It is a fantastic feeling. We are extremely happy and overwhelmed. You make people love each other more and more!!!



First of all I should say that Artur does not need any advertisement! He is a well-known and popular photographer. Therefore if you would like to have the most unforgettable, the brightest memory of the wedding in the best quality — get acquainted with him right now.

This person creates free and easy atmosphere that makes the pictures so alive. When we recollect our wedding, we do catch ourselves thinking that we didn’t see Artur that day at all. But when we look though the wedding pictures we get confused every time. On the one hand Artur is very tall and on the other he is so invisible. And he caught and captured all the emotions that I and my husband had that day: smiles, tears, passion, and joy and of course our love.

Moreover, our guests also paid attention to the fact that our wedding photographer even did not tried to make someone do something. For all of us Artur was an easygoing person. He did his job – caught the moments. As a result we have alive and full of emotions wedding photos that let us plunge into in to the atmosphere of wedding every time.

Artur worked professionally, without any fuss or tediousness. He did not miss any detail. He was open to any suggestions and experiments even diving in wedding dress and suit. There are no words to express feelings when you enjoy photos for hundreds times and experience just the same emotions you had that day. He managed to reflect the spirit and the mood of our most important day in live!

Artur is a very positive and polite young man with reasonable sense of humor and of course he is a professional. We are happy to have chosen him as a wedding photographer. The warmest words would not express out gratitude to him. No doubt I will recommend Artur to my relatives and friends.”

Nadezda and Valentin