Engagement in Italy: Anastasia and Sergey

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Today I will share with you a very tender photography and interesting story of love. Anastasia and Sergey decided to have their engagement in Italy. The basic plan was quite impressive: to start from Rome and to continue with other cities of the best country in the world. Sounds great, doesn’t? So, let’s go back to an amazing August morning pre-wedding photo shooting in Rome.

We met with my new friends on Saturday, the day before the shooting in one of the most attractive and unique areas of the city — Trastevere. There are lots of traditional restaurants where both locals and tourists like to have dinner and wonder around tiny ancient streets. Since it was the first time when Anastasia and Sergey were in Rome, I was responsible for the plan of the photo session.

Engagement in Italy

Of course we decided to get up as early as possible to find Rome with no people around. But there is another reason for me and the brides to wake up early in the morning. After 10-11 a.m. in August the temperature reaches the level of 30C Degrees and one is sure to get no satisfaction either from walking in the streets or taking photos.

Photo shooting in August

Sights vs streets

During our planning meeting Sergey asked me to show not only touristic places in Rome, but to open hidden locations that common tourists will never find without help from a local. Therefore I planed our rout the way we skipped the main attractions of the Italian capital.

Photo shooting in Rome

Frankly speaking it was not an easy task. There are to many places of interest, therefore you would come across them on every corner in the city centre. Thus in order to vary our pre wedding and engagement photo session in Rome I decided to climb on of the roofs, where several years ago I was shooting panoramic views of the city. Luckily the roof was open and my brave friends agreed to have some extreme and on the other hand very romantic photos.

Engagement in Rome

Anastasia being a very fragile young lady followed all our crazy plans and supported all the ideas. I think such a couple is a real gift for any wedding photographer in Rome or any other city. They inspired me!

Villa Borghese

With time passing we reached one of the biggest parks in Rome – Villa Borghese with its huge trees and picturesque views. I do love to bring there brides, lovers and newlyweds and take respectively engagement, love story of wedding photos in the park. This is a magic place, believe me!

Pre wedding photography in Rome and Italy

After long walks I always give the my friends some time to relax and enjoy the place, air and morning atmosphere, when there is no one but you two. And somewhere aside there is a professional Italian photographer watching the two throughout the lens of the camera and taking lovely pictures.

Professional Italian photographer


Have a look at this engagement photo from Italy. Do you see this oldish passer-by, who is rubbing his neck in order to have a look at beautiful and gorgeous Anastasia in her summer dress? These are Italians, people who are always ready to greet you with loud “buongiorno” or to speak to you on an urgent issue, even though you don’t speak the language.

Engagement in Italy

They are nice people with good sense of humour, tasty food and melodic language. Visiting this country for any purpose one will get true satisfaction in cultural and aesthetic terms. Local people are expressive, fast and very emotional. Sorry for this poetic note, let’s get back to our engagement photography in Italy and Rome.

Engagement photography in Italy

Together with Sergeн and Anastasia we spent that August morning in Rome taking engagement photos. The final result of our collaboration is available in the slide-show above. Enjoy and get inspired!

From my side I would thank Sergey and Anazstasia for choosing me as a photographer for your trip and engagement in Italy. I sincerely hope that the photos will remind you of that unique morning for good! See you soon, friends!

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome