Honeymoon photos from Rome Salina & Terry

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Salina and Terry came to Italy from Singapore not only to eat and discover the country, but also to bring back home honeymoon photos from Rome. They did a proper search on the net and found our pages with quotes, prices, reviews and examples of honeymoon photo shootings in different European cities. As a result we meet in Rome in August to make this session happen.

Fountain Trevi

Honeymoon photos from Rome

Since my new couple had several days to spend in Rome, we planned the shooting for early morning, so that all honeymoon photos from Rome looked bright and very beautiful. And to cut a long story short, we were a success. The first place where we started to take honeymoon pictures, was fountain Trevi. If you have already seen this attraction during the day, you won’t ever believe that it is a true photo ( the one above).

I am not a magician, but a professional photographer in Rome, who knows the best time and place for a romantic photo

Morning photo shooting in Rome


The second place were we took a lot of honeymoon photos in Rome, was Pantheon. Do I need to leave any comments about this place and these pictures? I hope. Scroll and get inspired for your early morning photo session in Rome.


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And of course we could not miss one of the most recognizable symbols of Rome — Colosseum. I think all shootings: wedding, pre-wedding, engagement and honeymoon need to have this spot on the plan. Do you agree?

Colosseum in Rome honeymoon photo shooting near colosseum

Casual honeymoon photos from Rome

After the official part of the photo shooting in Rome we decided to make a small pause in order to change the outfit of Salina and Terry. We went to the hotel for some 30 minutes and continued taking honeymoon photos from Rome. The streets were getting busier, because tourists and locals were getting up, but we managed to capture a lot of beauty.

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Honeymoon photographer in Rome

The last honeymoon photos from Rome we took in one of the biggest parks of the city. It was already hot and we decided to find a fresh place. I do hope that this photo shooting will inspired you! Check you date to book professional English speaking photographer in Rome and Italy.