May Engagement photo shooting in Rome – Sandy and David

Engagement photo session in Rome in May for Sandy and David English Speaking Wedding Photographer in Rome

My dear readers and brides. I have a new couple to introduce to you. They came from Canada, where they live and work. Sandy and David found my articles with tips and advice for brides who plan to have an engagement in Italy and fall in love with the photos. So, as a result, we spent a hot day together in May, enjoying the beauty of Rome and taking pre-wedding photos.

The idea of my new friends’s was to make some lovely engagement pictures and also they wanted me to be their family photographer in Rome, since brides were traveling together with their parents.

Villa Borghese beautiful engagement photo session in Rome

Family photography in Rome

There were many locations on the wish list of the couple. Therefore we decided to split the shooting into several parts. After the planning meeting in one of the restaurants, we made the following plan:

  • to have two days of shooting;
  • to eat ice cream;
  • to have fun;
  • to discover the city;

Day 1: family photography

For Canadians, any European City is very extraordinary because of their country’s pure architecture. Therefore there were many emotions for the couple and their parents. We spent the first day of the pre-wedding photo shooting in Rome in an expanded company: the couple and David’s parents. As a result, we managed to create unique family photos. Among the locations to go we the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and some more exciting places.

Family photographer in Rome

Italian Gelato

And of course I brought the family to a “Blue Ice” Gelateria, which is considered to be one of the best cafes where one should try true Italian gelato.

It is hardly possible to find a person in the modern world who does not like ice cream. I like it very much, but after my first visit to Rome, I became addicted to it. I am sure everyone will share my passion for ice cream after the first taste of the amazingly fresh and sweet yummy they sell in Blue Ice Gelateria. There are about 20 different tastes, and it puzzles you need to choose. Usually, I take 2-3 out of 20. But if you feel like trying them all, it is ok. The price is more than reasonable — about 2 Euros for a portion.

Family photo session in Rome eating gelato

How hard it was for Sandy to choose the tests. She is also a giant ice cream lover. Therefore, I fully understand her. Nevertheless, I did my best to capture these precious moments for my lovely and sweet couple.

Best ice cream in Rome

Gelato tasting creative photo shoot ideas grinding

Pinocchio shop in Rome

While touring Rome and taking family photos, we came across an exciting place. Somewhere in the tiny streets is a hidden Pinocchio shop. I believe most of you remember this exciting fairytale written by Carlo Collodi. I like this book as well as the cartoon very much. As you can see in the pictures, Sandy and David also like it. But, of course, we are grown-ups, but still kinds in our souls.

Pinocchio scenery, creative engagement photo session in Rome

Pinocchio scenery, creative engagement photo session in Rome

Day 2: getting engaged

The engagement photo shooting in Italy for Sandy and David was planned for the daytime around the place beloved both by locals, for example, Villa Borghese. But also there were several traditional must-see locations such as Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo. I was delighted that my couple was well-prepared for the trip to Italy. They knew all the attractions, and of course, they knew what they wanted in their engagement photos from Rome: feelings, emotions, and lovely looks in front of places of interest.

Reflection of lovers in the mirror of a scooter, creative photo session in Rome

Villa Borghese

My dears, I am sure that you have seen several posts in the blog about Villa Borghese in previous pre-wedding photo sessions. It is not because of a lack of places or my laziness. Look at this issue from the other side. This Villa is such a lovely place where lovers, brides, and just couples enjoy the views and each other. I would tell you honestly that it is not a piece of cake to write and find words to describe one and the exact location, but I always do my best to find new facts, and of course, as a backup, I will show lovely engagement photos of Sandy and David in Rome.

pines Borghese garden engagement photo

This same pre-wedding photo session was a special one. Due to my demanding schedule, we could start shooting only after midday. It was a task to find a place in Rome without people because there were too many tourists and Romans around. But I know that coming to a far destination, couples expect their wedding photographer to take photos of them two and not crowds of people. Therefore I had to think not only about catching moments and composition but also to have my eye on people around to predict the next moment and not to put them into shots.

Borghese park in Rome engagement photo

Borghese park in Rome engagement photo

Villa Borghese in Rome couple photo

Villa Borghese Gardens in Rome

Villa Borghese Gardens Fountain


Working with couples from all over the world I need to provide them with unique and original pictures. This is my basic principle — no patterns. But, frankly speaking, there are sometimes conditions and locations where one can take only alike photos. It is a petty, but it is true. And it is not because of me, but because of the location. Such an example is Colosseum and wedding or engagement photos in front of it.

Beautiful photo shoot in front of the Colosseum in Rome

Creative photo shoot in front of the Colosseum in Rome

Jewish quarters

Another fantastic area of the city —is the Jewish quarters. There are a lot of impressive ancient buildings and hand over you with tall walls. Again I should mention that we had great luck that day in making such engagement photos in Italy as the ones below. These venues are usually overcrowded, but no one was there when we came.

Creative photo shoot for lovers Architecture Baroque style Rome

We were passing a fantastic yard that is usually hidden behind a fence. But the gates were open, and we came in. A guard immediately approached us and congratulated us on the event, although Sandy was not wearing a wedding dress. The man spoke very pure English, but we could understand him perfectly well because he talked from the bottom of his heart. Then, he closed the gates so other passers-by would not interrupt us, and we could make some lovely shorts. All Italians like weddings and such kinds of events. They are open people and always congratulate newlyweds in the streets, encourage them, and wish them all the best.

Photo shoot in Rome against the backdrop of architecture

Photo shoot in Rome on antique statues

Photo shoot in Rome on antique statues

Photo shoot in Rome against the backdrop of ancient buildings

Evening photo shooting

This shooting day in Rome, we ended with some night views. Any European city changes significantly after the Sun is down. This is the best time to start night and evening photo shooting because the light and air are very suitable. If you study the photos carefully, you will see the deep blue color in the sky. Such color composition can be achieved only one hour after the sunset.

Night photo session in Rome Bridge of the Holy Angels


On the river side there is a very romantic attraction —.ole style Marry-go-round in Rome. I do believe that many couple would like to have some romantic engagement photos like the one below. Merry-go-round in the capital of Italy is already 125 years old. But despite the age it works properly every day.

Merry-go-round in Rome creative engagement photo session

Castel Sant’Angelo

Sandy and David decided not to miss such a chance and to take some photos from Italy there. As a result, we spent half an hour making circles and taking evening pictures in Rome. And then we set off for the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Today inside the fortress there is a museum and from the top of the tower opens a panoramic view over Vatican and other parts of city. As it occurred Castel Sant’Angelo is beloved attraction for Sandy and David. Therefore this place was postponed until the very end of our engagement photo shooting. With help of my student and assistant Kate Pavlovich we managed to make really snapping and gorgeous shots.

Night photo session of the engagement against the backdrop of the Angel Castle in Rome

This impressive building has five-met-high walls and a perfect location at the riverside. It is a massive construction used to serve as the fortress where the Pop could find protection in case of any danger.

Night photo session of the engagement against the backdrop of the Vatican

Below I share the slide show with the best photos from this shooting. Enjoy!

To my lovely David and Sandy, I would only address the words of gratitude for choosing me as a Rome photographer and letting me tell you your engagement in Italy love story. Your couple is fantastic and very beautiful. I wish you all the best and see you one day in Europe again!

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome