10 year wedding anniversary in Rome

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Wedding anniversary in Rome is the best reason to plan a trip to Italy. So did my new friends Shalanda and Kamal. This year they had the 10th anniversary, therefore for such a special occasion they decided to make one of their dreams come true.They started planning a trip to Italy in advance. When the tickets to Rome were booked Shalanda started looking for a professional Italian photographer, in order to have a photo shooting. So she found me.

Wedding anniversary in Rome

Shalanda and Kamal came to Italy from the USA in August just for a week, therefore the trip was scheduled and planned thoroughly. Our anniversary shooting was arranged on early morning, as usually, when Rome still sleeps. With the first beams of the sun we started that day together.

Americans in Rome

The day before the shooting we met with Shalanda and Kamal to plan our route. To avoid crowds we followed quite a non touristic way. The first place to see Rome from a very high spot we climbed Janiculum Hill. By the way, the hill is popular among Italian couples. It’s very romantic place with great panoramic view over the Entire City. Moreover this is the place where most of Romans ask theirs beloved ladies “Will you?”

Janiculum Hill

Well, we were walking along morning streets of the italian capital, enjoying the views, architecture and fantastic monuments.

Photographer in Rome

One of such monuments is Acqua Paola fountain. If there is anyone who has not seen Paolo Sorrentino’s “The Great beauty” that was given the “Oscars” and the “Golden Globe” Awards in 2014, I strongly recommend to watch the movie. In the picture below one can recognise the very place, where the first scene of the movie was shot, when a tourist comes to the viewing point, makes a picture and … I will be waiting for your comments.

Acqua Paola fountain

Meanwhile, we were alone to enjoy this amazing sunrise and to take some gorgeous anniversary photos in Rome.


Tradition to have a photo session for a wedding anniversary is quite new. Not so many couples come up with such an idea. But with every year I receive more and more request from all over the world. To my mind such a present for any occasion: the first, the 10th and even the 50th, is a perfect means to refresh the feelings and to recollect the very day when you got married.

Wedding anniversary in Rome photo

Therefore I strongly recommend everyone who cares about the family and relations, to consider an idea of a trip to Rome (or any other beautiful city) in order to have a photo shooting their, carried out by an Italian professional wedding photographer.

Trip to Rome

Panoramic view in Rome

Rome photography

What to do at wedding anniversary?

Roman architecture

Vatican 10 years wedding anniversary Photographer in Rome

Thank you very much for this amazing experience and inspiration given to me by your love. Dear Kamal and Shalanda, what shall we plan for the following wedding anniversary? Rome is already on your map? Shall we plan a photo shooting with Italian photographer in Naples or may be in Paris?

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome