Surprising engagement in Rome: Pallavi and Ricky

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My dear readers, I have a new and fascinating story to tell you. I believe that most of you know how important it is for me to get ready for the photo session. I always get acquainted with the couple and try to go deeper than just taking pictures. I capture precious moments and highlight feelings and emotions.

But this couple helped me see that even a spontaneous meeting, when I only know the names and have a picture of what they look like, is exciting. In August, even in such conditions, one can get an amazing surprising engagement photo shooting in Rome.

Surprising photo shooting in Rome

Engagement as a surprise

Let me introduce to you Ricky and Pallavi — a lovely couple from the USA. They came to Rome to tour this amazing city. But there was another plan in Ricky’s mind — to ask his sweetheart the most important question: “Will you?”. So with the help of his sister, he found me as a photographer in Rome and asked to take some shots of them. But Ricky wanted me to be hidden so that Pallavi didn’t notice me since the engagement was a surprise for her. There were some difficulties on our way to success, but we managed: Ricky received a positive answer, and I took some lovely pictures.

Engagement photographer in Rome

Will you marry me in Rome photo

Engagement in Rome

Will you marry me?

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Surprising engagement photo shooting in Rome

How to make a surprising engagement?

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How to surprise the bride?

I will marry you

Engagement ring

Surprising engagement in Rome photo

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Engagement in Rome Ricky and Pallavi

That special day

Aren’t they super lovely? Sure, they are! I would say that it was pretty a task for me to capture these moments, because it was so sincere and lovely. But I’m a professional wedding and engagement photographer and have not just observe, but also to make shoots.

Professional engagement photographer

After the challenge was accepted, Pallavi started to phone her relatives and friends to share this fantastic news. She was in the seventh heaven. She just got engaged in Rome with her beloved man, who did a fantastic surprise for her.

Engaged in Rome

The only thing Ricky had to do was to cover her with an umbrella, since that August day it was raining heavily in Rome.

Photo session in Rome

August in Rome

And some more liquid to the atmosphere, added Pallavi. She was the happiest person in the whole universe and had the right to cry and do whatever she liked. What a huge surprise, and she got engaged.

Surprising engagement photo

Villa Borghese

The whole event took place in one of my favorite places in Rome — Villa Borghese. Even that August rain didn’t spoil the mood of the couple. They were engaged and happy! When finally we introduced each other, together we decided to walk a bit around the city in order to make this story about a surprising engagement in Rome complete.

Villa Borghese

Surprising engagement in Rome

And some more photo calls with congratulations from India and the US.

Lovely bride

Engagement photography

Surprising engagement photo

Rome photo

Emotional photos of the bride

Engagement in Rome

Rain in Rome

Happy couple in Rome

Engaged couple in Rome

Photo shooting at Villa Borghese

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Ricky and Pallavi in Rome

Ricky and Pallavi

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Spanish steps in Rome

Spanish steps photo

Rome atmosphere photo

This is Rome

Engagement in Rome

I’m awfully happy that our roads crossed with Ricky and Pallavi. You are a lovely couple, and I wish you all the best in your family life. I hope that my photo shooting will always remind you of the surprising engagement in Rome. Hope to see you soon in some other locations in Italy!

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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