Honeymoon in Rome: Risa and Tatsuya

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Today I will tell you about Risa and Tatsuya, who came to Italy from Japan. Right after the marriage in their home country, they took a plane and in 12 hours appeared on the other part of the Earth. Risa’s dream came true: she saw the Eternal City. And I had a pleasure to become not only the couple’s wedding photographer, but the one, who showed them Italian capital.So let’s see the example of honeymoon in Rome photo shooting!

Honeymoon in Rome

As it was not the first couple from Asia I had a chance to shoot, I knew some peculiarities of their, let me say, wedding culture. For example, most couples from Asia (Japan, Singapore, Macao, China) prefer to organise wedding photo shootings 6-9 months before the marriage. And they often choose such European cities as Rome, Paris or Prague. Risa and Tatsuya were not an exception and booked their pre-wedding photo session in Italy a year prior to their trip to Europe.

Honeymoon in Rome

Morning honeymoon photo shooting

We began our honeymoon in Rome photo shooting at 7.30 a.m. from one of the best viewpoints, which is not available for the most of the tourists. The guys stayed in Hassler Hotel (I recommend you the one), there is a terrace on the seventh floor of the building, which opens a stunning view overlooking the city and the Spanish Steps.

Spanish steps in Rome

You will also be surprised with an amazing view of the Vatican.

Vatican photo

Rome in March

So, we made the first step: we got panoramic views of the city. Then we moved further to the main attractions of the Eternal City. I have already told you about differences between popular cities full of tourists during the day. We could experience and feel the ambiance of the Italian capital in full. That was our plan for the honeymoon in Rome photo shooting.

Photographer in Rome

Risa and Tatsuya saw Rome at sunrise and they fell in love with it! They liked its atmosphere and its soul from the first eyesight.

Wedding and engagement photographer in Rome and Italy

Moreover, it appeared to me, that they fell in love with each other one more time.

From Japan to Rome

Step by step and we appeared near Trevi Fountain, which is among Top 10 must see places in Rome. This is the biggest and the most beautiful Roman fountain.

Traditions in Rome

Thanks to numerous tourists, the treasury of the city gains 2 millions of Euro annually. Do you want to come back to Rome? Just throw a coin  into the fountain!

Morning in Rome

Risa and Tatsuya decided that such an investment won’t hit hard their family budget and threw 2 coins to visit the Eternal City again and again.

Visiting in Rome for a honeymoon or any other reason, try to make such a photo at 12.00 a.m. or at noon.

Italian photographer in Rome

Visiting Rome

After a ten minute walk along ancient streets of the city we reached Venice Square.

Venice Square Rome

And that was only the beginning! The photos are made from the the Capitol Hill with the first sun beams.

Capitol Hill in Rome

The photo below shows the mood of the photo session: soft, tender and beautiful.

March in Rome photo

Luxury photography in Rome

To say honestly, it was rather fresh in march. That’s why I was happy to feel the first sun beams not only as a photographer from the technical point, but as it became warmer.

Wedding photographer in Rome Artur jakutsevich From Japan to Italy

The Roman Forum is a masterpiece, which was created by human beings. Massive status, shapes and forms of the facades and amazing architecture. That’s, what Risa and Tatsuya thought about while planning the honeymoon in Rome.

Roman Forum Italian photographer Honeymoon in Italy Forum in Rome

We ended our first part of the shooting in Rome near the Colosseum.

Colosseum Photo Colosseum Rome

Evening photo shooting

Evening honeymoon photo shooting became a real attire of my portfolio. I bless my new friends for a chance to open a new culture and to look at the city from another side.

Night photo Rome

Night Rome shooting

P.S. I am always asked how much wedding organisation costs in Italy. And I can’t tell the exact price as it may vary. You’ll agree that everything depends on your wishes and desires. That’s why I and my manager Vladimir always offer conversation via Skype for everyone who wants to know more about shootings or organisation of a marriage. Every client is our friend. So, you can ask everything you are worried about and you will always get sincere recommendations from us. But for those, who want to know the approximate cost, here it is:

How much does a honeymoon cost?

  • 3 days at Hassler Hotel (5 star hotel) near the Spanish Steps: 1500 – 2500 Euros
  • flight Tokyo-Rome-Tokio: 1500 –  2500 Euro
  • 1-2 professional photosessions in Rome: 800 – 1500 Euro
  • museums, transport, restaurants: 500 – 1000 Euro

So, for 3 unforgettable days you shall pay 4300 – 7500 Euro.

Keep in mind, that Risa and Tatsuya chose one of the most expensive hotels in Rome. You can always find something you can afford, but you can’t but agree that there is only one honeymoon in you life and the memories are precious.