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I hope, my dear friends, you still remember the story about Risa and Tatsya from Japan, who decided to spend their honeymoon in Rome in March. We made three great photo sessions together with them. And now, it’s high time I told you about an evening photo set in one of the most beautiful and atmospheric districts of Rome – Trastevere.

My wife studies at John Cabot university in Trastevere, therefore I often walk there to meet my sweetheart after the lectures and besides to find new places in this part of the Rome. Therefore I know this area very well and can find for my couples the best locations for a shooting.

Honeymoon in Rome

If you would like to se Rome the way it looked 100 years ago, just go across one of the bridges and you’ll come to Trastevere. The meaning of this word is pretty simple. From Italian it stands for “Across the river”. There are a lot of restaurants with delicious food for reasonable price.


We started our shooting from Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. My Instagram followers enjoy lovely photos from this part of Rome at least several times a week.

Photographer in Rome

Hope, this set of photos will allow you to feel the atmosphere of this part of Rome. Unfortunately, photos do not share fragrances.

Rome at night

Honeymoon trip to Italy

From Japan to Italy


You can always enjoy the silence of a city at night. It’s time to relax in bars and restaurants and to enjoy romantic atmosphere of the evening. No people around. Only Risa and Tatsya follow their me — Italian photographer in Rome.

wedding photographer in Rome

I used to think that people, who come to Italy, want to try as much of Italian cuisine as possible. But there was nothing special in pasta and other dishes for my new friends from Japan. The only thing they loved very much was ice-cream and desserts.

Ice-cream in Italy

Gelato in Italy and Rome

Evening photo shooting in Trastevere in March was a perfect addition to the morning session I told you about. Drop into Rome one day, I’ll show you the place where to have ice-cream. And of course it would be my pleasure to be your wedding, engagement or honeymoon photographer in Italy. Keep in touch!

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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