Pre-wedding in Italy photo shooting in Rome Serena and Ryan

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April in Rome is fantastic and very beautiful time for a wedding photo shooting. The sun is warm, gardens are in flowers, spring atmosphere is everywhere. So, if you are planning a trip to Italy in early spring, I strongly encourage you to consider having a romantic photo shoot with professional photographer in Rome in April.

April in Rome photo shooting in spring

Today we have a very lovely couple from Singapore. Serena and Ryan set off for a Euro trip long before their marriage. This is a very typical thing that I noticed among Asia couples. They come together to new countries and cities willing to be from eye to eye. But also there is another very essential reason for such a trip. Since Singapore is quite a modern city it is absolutely impossible to find there any narrow romantic street or ancient monument. These couples always bring to photo shootings in Rome and other European cities at least one gown and a suit, even though they only would like to get engaged. Afterwards, these pictures are shown to all the guest at the wedding party.

Pre wedding trip to Europe from Singapore

My new friends arrived from Singapore to Italy in April. I must say that this month is one of the best within the year for a shooting with a professional photographer in Rome. April weather in Rome is quite mild, even a bit chilly and generally nature wakes up after winter. Absolutely unique and fantastic atmosphere for an engagement shooting.

April weather in Rome

After quite a long discussion between my manager Vladimir and the couple, we decided to split the shooting in two parts: morning and evening. Actually it is not an invention, but regular practice of mine. Thus the couple has more chances to enjoy the huge city within one day, and not to get too tire. Moreover as a final result they receive both daylight wedding pictures from Rome and evening ones as well.

Rome photographer

Spring in Italy

To plunge into spring Rome atmosphere I suggest your careful reading of the article and looking through the engagement photos. This is the first morning part of the romantic pre-wedding love story for Serena and Ryan in Rome. We started with some pictures in Vatican.



Though it was early morning we could not be there for too long since the guards do not allow taking photos in Vatican in front of St. Peter’s Cathedral. Therefore we went a bit farther from the main attraction and took some gorgeous photos from a distance.

Rome photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Castel sant’angelo

In case you are planning you trip around Roman most popular places of interest, my sincere recommendation is to proceed right after Vatican to Castel Sant’Angelo. These two amazing pieces of architecture are linked to each other by mean of underpasses. Because in case of danger the Pop had to move as soon as possible from Vatican to the castle, which should protect him from any possible danger. That is what the legend says. But when you stay in front of the Castle, you do feel that these walls can really protect.

Castel sant’angelo photo

Trevi fountain in Rome

From something huge and even aggressive we can to artistic and even theatrical. You what is a must for any tourist in Rome? Right you are if you say, that every tourist has to make a wish and to through a coin into famous fountain de Trevi. Of course Serena and Ryan followed the tradition.

Trevi fountain in Rome

For you to know: every year the local authorities pick up from the fountain about 3 millions of Euros. This is quite a budget I should say. Therefore one can see a police car by the fountain guarding the place day and night.

Where to through a coin in Rome

Spanish Steps

Just round the corner from the fountain there is another famous attraction — Spanish Steps. This is one of the most romantic venues in Rome. Believe me, if you take your girlfriend to the steps, she will yours for sure. Don’t forget to mark the place on your map or to book me as a professional engagement photographer in Rome to show you the place and of course, to take some amazing photos.

Spanish Steps

There is one of the most famous hotels in Rome located by Spanish steps. It is Hassler five star hotel. It has a fantastic view that opens from the veranda. I sincerely recommend you to consider this variant of staying in Rome. Several of my couples booked their rooms in Hassler. For instance Risa and Tatsya from Japan were vey pleased with the service and of corse with a fantastic panoramic view from the window.

Five Star hotel in Rome

But let’s get back to our couple. The following place we had on the rout was Pinco Gardens above Piazza del Popolo or Pincian Hill.

Pinco Gardens above Piazza del Popolo or Pincian Hill

Villa Borghese gardens open amazing spectacular view on the city. I’ve been there hundreds of time, but every time as the first one. My heart soars every time I’m here.

Villa Borghese garden photo

April in Rome

I’m sure only poets can render the beauty of Rome in April into words. I will show the atmosphere of the city and it’s mood in engagement photos taken for Serena and Ryan in the morning. Get inspired with us!

Rome wedding photographer

Some more photos from that amazing April day in Rome:













That was our first step of an amazing engagement photo shooting in Rome for my friends from Singapore. I hope you will get inspired with the pictures from April Rome taken by professional Italian photographer.

Sincerely, Artur and Vladimir