Family Photographу in Rome: Holly and Her Family

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After the morning pre-wedding photo shoot in Rome with Holly and Jordan, we met in Villa Borghese with her family: mother and brothers Kolt and Dillan. I hope you remember that this July morning was excellent – a short storm frightened all the tourists, and we were alone in the city, enjoying its beauty.

As a reward for our fearlessness and optimism we were alone at a viewing point of Pincio Hill at 9 a.m. Moreover mother Nature gave us an amazing gift! To say honestly, I’ve seen such light only a couple of times in my life, and those who love to sleep till midday will never see it.

Family photography in Rome Villa Borghese view

Holly’s mother admitted that it was their first family photo shoot in the past 10 years. So, unfortunately, they haven’t had an opportunity to take photos of them, neither in their native Dallas (Texas, USA) nor in any other country where they happened to be.

Family photography in Rome Vatican view from Villa Borghese

Holly and Jordan’s wedding is planed for January 2015 in the Dominican Republic. That’s why we let Jordan to rest a little bit giving the more time to the family photography. 

Family photography in Rome Villa Borghese view

Holly said: “Let’s have fun!” I was happy to hear this. Colt appeared to be the strongest one. Even four of them couldn’t budge him. 

Creative Ideas for Family photography in Villa Borghese Rome

It’s impossible to imagine morning Rome without an Italian cappuccino. Well, are you still thinking about whether to come to Italy or not?

Italian cappuccino Family breakfast on Villa Borghese Rome

Since Colt was the muscular man this morning, we decided he should be our waiter. That was a super idea for a family photo shoot in Rome!

Family breakfast on Villa Borghese Rome

And to tell the truth, he was pretty good!

Family Breakfast in Rome Villa Borghese

Start your morning positive! How little does a man need to be happy: a cup of good cappuccino and fresh croissant with chocolate?

Family Breakfast in Rome Villa Borghese

Well, being filled with a positive mood and liveliness, we headed to Villa Borghese and its monuments.

Creative Ideas Family Photography in Rome Villa Borghese

A fantastic plant is blooming from June till October in Rome – bougainvillea. In July and of course, all the flowers were bright and fresh!

Creative Ideas Family Photography in Rome Villa Borghese

“Flying Texans” is another excellent idea for photo shooting with a family in Rome with a professional Italian photographer.

Creative Ideas Family Photography in Rome Villa Borghese

After dinner in the restaurant, Carlo Menta and the Fadal family gathered to conduct Holly and Jordan to their evening pre-wedding photoshoot in Trastevere.

Family Photography in Trastevere area Rome Family Photography in Trastevere area Rome

Italy and Rome can make people crazy.

Family Photography in Trastevere area Rome

In conclusion, I would like to say that beautiful photos of famous places and attractions are important, but simple pics like these, where all the family members are together, will be precious in 10-20 years. Do not forget your roots, your beloved and dearest. I will be waiting for you in Italy!

Family Photography Santa Maria Square in Trastevere area Rome

Holly, thank you for the joy you shared with me during the pre-wedding and family photo shoot in Rome. It was my great pleasure to meet your family, see your love, and take gorgeous pictures of you.

Sincerely yours, Artur, your Italian photographer based in Rome.

FAQ about Family Photography in Rome

What is the best time of day for family photos in Rome?

The best time of day in Rome for family photos is 3 hours after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset. At this time, the sun is low on the horizon, the light is soft, and the shadows are long.

How far in advance should you book a Family photo shoot in Rome?

The optimal period you need to book a date for a family photo shoot in Rome is 6-8 weeks.

What can I expect from a family photography session?

Family photo sessions usually consist of shots of the whole family as well as individual members, such as children interacting with their parents.
As a family photographer, I love taking casual, photojournalistic style shots, capturing the moment, and a few staged shots.
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