Rome in July: photo shooting with Holly and Jordan

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Holly and Jordan came to Rome in July from Dallas (Texas, USA) to celebrate their engagement and make a family photo shooting with Holly’s mother and brothers. I was honoured to be their family Italian photographer. So let me tell you some interesting things about the day we spent together with this lovely couple.

I have already told you millions of times how great it is to walk around Rome attractions or any other European city at sunrise, when most of people sleep and see dreams. I suggest your dreams coming true. Of course I do not impose my point of view on everyone. People should make their own choice, that’s why I can only recommend my couples once again to have a morning photo session.

By the way, couples who left their warm beds early in the morning get a reward. After morning photo sessions my clients say, that it is the most memorable part of their journey in Rome.

Rome photographer

People always worry about different things. And when someone travels he worries about the weather. To my mind it is wrong to think about bad. Our thoughts are real. So in case you want to have Artur Jakutsevich as a photographer, bear mind: only positive thinking is possible.

Rome in July photo

But that July morning in Rome even I, being an optimist and professional Italian photographer, thought that we wouldn’t escape from heavy clouds and rain.

Photographer in Rome

Well, I met Holly and Jordan near the Colosseum. Fortunately, Constantine Arch has been already opened after long reconstruction. So, come here to make photos while it isn’t closed again!

Constantine Arch

While we were enjoying one of the most popular tourist attraction, heavy clouds became heavier and hung out over our heads.


But there was no time to run away or to find a shelter. As a reward for being brave we got fantastic light! I was glad that the guys were so positive and didn’t want to stop our photo shooting. And they were lucky as I was their photographer. Before the shooting we discussed all possible way outs from different situations. That’s why I always ask my potential clients to look at my photos and to read my blog to understand the way I work.

Rome photography

Despite rain has already started we were in good mood. We met danger with smiles on our faces.

Artur Jakutsevich wedding photographer in Italy Weather in Rome in July

Rain in Rome

These were the least photos near the Colosseum. Then we had to catch a taxi and move to St. Angel’s Castle.

Photos near the Colosseum

From this very moment we had a little pause in our shooting, since Rome in July was covered with heavy rain. For us it was a good chance to enjoy a little and cosy cafe. When the rain stopped we were the only once at the bridge leading to St. Angelo castle.

St Angelo castle Rome

In a few minutes we appeared in another country. No borders and customs office. Vatican met us with mild light and absence of people. By the way, cupolas of St. Peter’s Basilica is the highest point in Rome. So, I strongly recommend you to visit its viewing point.

Photo shooting in Vatican

I adore this street and its architecture.

Architecture in Rome

Fresh July morning air filled us with energy! It was long time since I walked so fast around Rome.

Romantic photography in Rome

It turned out, that Jordan knew some facts about the city. So, he made a mini-excursion for Holly along the Tiber.

Tiber photo

When we reached Piazza Navona, heavy rain started! I always wanted to find appreciate moment to shoot this amazing balcony.

Piazza Navona

Rome in July is a very romantic city.

Romantic Rome

Happy Americans in Italy.

Americans in Italy

We started to worry, as there was no one in the city.

Rome in July

Italy photo

Doors in Rome

Architecture in Rome

After a walk along the central street of Rome Via del Corso we cameo Piazza del Popolo and then at Pincho Hill. Best views over Rome open exactly from this Hill. At the photo below you can see a viewing point at 9 a.m. There are no people at all.

Piazza del Popolo

That is the reward for our positive thinking, early rising and fearlessness against the weather.

Pincho Hill Rome Engagement photos in Rome

Holly and Jordan plunged in this magic morning atmosphere of the city and their love.

Photographer in Italy

In consideration of such an amazing walk I presented the guys this beautiful bouquet of flowers.


Come to Italy and you will get something incredible! For example a photo shooting with a professional Italian photographer in Rome in July will be a great variant for family vocations, engagement or honeymoon. Make a request in the contact.