May Engagement Photoshoot in Rome: Eimear & Willy

Engagement in Rome one amazing morning photos Eimear and Willy English Speaking Wedding Photographer in Rome

For the past 13 years, I’ve been experiencing natural and cultural diversity by being involved in different family events. Every couple is unique and has a vision of how things run, whether an engagement in Rome or a wedding in Naples. I usually do what I typically do, but I analyze and compare different countries’ cultural peculiarities to take photos and enjoy something new.

Eimear and Willy our heroes of the day came to Italy in may to get married. Their big day was held in a villa near Italian capital, therefore they decided not to miss such an opportunity to have a morning engagement photo session with a professional photographer in Rome.

Couple near roman Colosseum

For example, I concluded that couples from Eastern Europe get married earlier than ones from the West. Most brides in Poland (my native country) average age is about 20-25. When British couples spend 5 to 10 years together with no stamps on passports and closer to 30, they get married. To my mind, it is customary to choose any variant possible once. I’m not convincing anyone to take this or that side, just giving a fact.

photo shoot on the streets of Rome for a couple in love

black and white photo on the streets of Rome for a couple in love

By the way, my new Irish friends had been engaged for 15 years before their wedding in Italy. So, this is another proof of my theory about the age of brides and grooms in different parts of the world. But, let me tell you the story of that summer day.

Start photo shooting

couple in love Piazza della Repubblica Rome

We usually have the first meeting with the couple before the shooting in a restaurant to taste good Italian cuisine and discuss the photo session. However, the situation was a bit different with Eimear and her groom.

couple in love Piazza Navona Rome

They stayed 30 kilometres from Rome in a villa and the day before we met they were meeting the guests and preparing the event together with the weeding planner. Therefore we could not meet in advance and arranged to start the shooting from the central railway station Termini in Rome.

photo shoot on the streets of Rome for a couple in love

To my mind, it was a good idea since Rome is fascinating in any part of it, thus me as an engagement and wedding photographer, I had only to know the couple’s preferences and make the plan for our morning in Rome.

black and white photo shoot on the streets of Rome for a couple in love

The first lovely pictures we made at the fountain near Termini station in Rome. That amazing May morning were we there alone. At the Piazza del Republica there is a fountain called Fontatna dele Naiadi. This one we could not miss.

photo shoot in the sun on the streets of Rome for a couple in love

photo shoot in the sun on the streets of Rome for a couple in love

Four fountains crossing

The following place was also closely linked with water. The crossing of the Via dele Quattro Fontanne and Via del Quirinale is a crossing of four fountains. It was designed and constructed in 1588 – 1593. Two statues symbolize the Tiber river that flows in Rome Arno river that flows in Florence. Two others — goddess Diana and Juno.

photo session at the crossroads of 4 fountains in Rome

On our way from the four fountains crossing to Spanish Steps we dropped into Barberini Palace. Usually occupied by thousands of tourists it was open and we were the only once walking around and catching nice moments and amazing light. But to tell the truth there was another were interesting alive object — a cat.

cat on in the Barberini Palace in Rome

It patiently observed us taking engagement photos and then left.

photo session at the fountain in Rome for a couple

Spanish steps

One of the best panoramic views in Rome opens from Spanish steps. My readers and friends photographers would always ask me how I managed to capture the most attractive place without tourists.

photo shoot on the Spanish steps in May

photo session on the observation deck in Rome in May

My answer — early bird catches the worm. Together with the couple we sacrifice several hours of our sweet morning sleeping and set off for a pre-wedding photo shooting in Rome really early. Thus we can enjoy unique atmosphere of the city and see no people in the streets. We have space and have time to enjoy every interesting view and location.

black and white photo session on the observation deck in Rome in May

Spanish steps were constructed in 1725 according to the project of unknown architect Francesco de Sanctis. The construction consists of 138 steps stretching from the Spanish square to Trinita dei Monti church.

Via del Condotti photo shoot for a couple in May Rome

Just around the corner, there is a famous shopping street, Via del Condotti. Though every girl liked wandering around with exclusive items in boutiques, Eimear agreed to follow the other road that led us somewhere further.

photo shoot for a couple on the streets of Rome in May

Vatican academy

Any building or construction linked to the Vatican is impressive and generates lovely composition. To my mind, it is not just a coincidence. Academy of Vatican is one of such exciting buildings attracting with its beauty not only the future priests but also us, people taking engagement photos in Rome.

photo shoot for a couple next to the Vatican Academy


When I was editing the these pre-wedding pictures, I realised that the whole theme of the shooting was about love and light. We met the LIGHT in Termini station and it followed us further. Another amazing composition we found in Pantheon one of top 10 attractions in Rome.

Photo session for a couple next to the Pantheon in Rome in may

Tiny Streets of Rome

It is a well-known fact that summer in Rome is sometimes unbearable. The sun burns like hell; the only hiding place is the shadow. From my experience, there are several variants of where to find shelter, either to go to a park or the old town with its tiny streets.

photo session on the authentic streets of Rome

Thousands of trees in numerous city parks spread shadow and collect fresh air. What concerns the tiny old streets is a lot of springs with crystal and fresh water. It is cold and tasty.

photo session on the authentic streets of Rome in May, drinking fountain

Castel Sant’Angelo

On the way to the Vatican, we made a short stop at the Sant’Angelo Bridge next to the mausoleums of Emperor Hadrian (Castel Sant’Angelo).

photo session on the bridge near Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome in May

The Vatican City

Step by step, together with Eimear and Willy, we approached the final point in our plan — the Vatican City. As usual, I take to hear a photo for good memory. It was an exciting morning. We saw Rome at the beginning of the day with its beauty and magic atmosphere, and of course, we managed to make a lovely engagement and pre-wedding story in photos from the Italian capital.

photo for memory against the backdrop of the Vatican with a professional photographer in Rome, a couple from Britain

P.S. — The Colosseum

But before we said goodbye to each other, Eimear asked me if there was any chance to have some photos near the Colosseum. Of course, we could! To save time we took a taxi for about 15 Euros and went to one of the most popular attractions in Rome.

beautiful photo of a couple in love on the background of the Colosseum in Rome

funny photo of a British couple in love against the backdrop of the Colosseum in Rome

classic photo of a British couple in love in front of the Colosseum in Rome

classic photo of a British couple in love in front of the Colosseum in Rome

I want to thank my new British friends for the fantastic morning we spent together in May and for a fascinating pre-wedding photoshoot in Rome. From my point of view, your engagement photography in Italy is a brilliant example of true love!

romantic photo of a British couple in love on the beautiful steps in Rome in May

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome