Honeymoon photo shooting in Rome: Anna and Kirill

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I’m very happy to make this post and let me explain to you the reason. Originally I come from Belarus, where I was born and went to school and University. Now I live in Rome, where I do feel inspired. And my couple Kirill and Anna are the first brides from my native town whom I was picturing in my beloved city during their honeymoon in Italy in September. For them it was the dream place where to go after the marriage, for me it was great responsibility.

Honeymoon in Italy

It occurred that virtually we knew each other well, because we have a lot of common friends and colleagues, though we didn’t meet before. That is why from the very first moment of our meeting I felt that we have known each other at least for some years — so easy was to communicate and make the photo shooting with the couple.

Photo of Rome

New country to discover

My brides like to travel, therefore they did not feel like flatting themselves at the sun on the sands of a luxurious beach, but preferred to discover new destinations: Italy and Spain. To my mind it is a great solution for honeymoon trip. And I was given responsibility to be not just a photographer in Rome, but the very person who shows the city and reveals its secrets for the couple.

Honeymoon trip to Rome

Amazing ambiance of the city

You know, I do love Rome and even more I love to share the city with the visitors. In order always to have my eyes work and pictures fresh, I change the routs and never follow the same way for a photo shooting. But of course, there are such must see venues as Coliseum, Vatican, the Pantheon, Fountain de Trevi, which are obligatory in any case, cause this is the very Rome.

Where to go in Rome

This photo session was not an exception. The day before shooting we met with the Kirill and Anna, discussed the plan and the places where to. But during the trip around Rome we changed a bit the plan as it usually happens. I do hope that everything went smoothly. We will see what Kirill and Anna wrote in their follow up.

Photo session in Rome

Photo shooting in Rome

Good morning

Step by step we visited new places and all of them were free of people, that were only we who woke up so early. My new friends were gradually plunging into the atmosphere of the city, learning new facts and stories. Since it was just the beginning of their honeymoon in Italy, I wanted to inspire the newlyweds as much as possible.


The tempo of our photo shooting was pretty high. I do believe that it was a good start for the whole honeymoon trip. After some times spent in the historical part of Rome (well, I mean the one with the ruins, since the whole city is a very historical place) we came to Villa Borghese.

Wedding photographer in Rome


Villa Borghese

Wedding photography in Rome

Brides in Rome

In such a lovely atmosphere, Kirill switched on Italian speaking mode! He was extremely impressed by the beauty of Rome. I was pleased to see his reaction and to feel that our tour and photo session was a success.

Italian speaking mode

While we were preparing this post, Kirill and Anna sent us the review of work professional photographer in Rome Artur Jakutsevich performed. You can find it below.


Photographer in Rome

Honeymoon in Italy photo

ANNA: It was the most important event in my life. Therefore we were looking for something interesting, romantic and long lasting. After several options discussed we stopped at Italy and Spain. These two countries match our characters, therefore we booked the tickets and hotels of our honeymoon in these european states.

Rome ruins

Review about photographer in Rome


Rome is a very strong city. For it was full of surprises, hopes and discoveries! Actually I found all this together with my sweetheart and our outstanding photographer in Rome Artur. My review can’t describe all the feelings I have towards him. You know dreams are so close to reality and vice versa. Sometimes I could not tell one from another.

Coffee and croissants in the morning are more just a breakfast, this is inspiration for the whole day. Pizza, pasta, vine are more than just food, this is the way to discover and acknowledge the depth of culture. And my white wedding dress became the linking bridge between us and Italians. Random people, passers-by welcomed us, greeted on a strange language and wished us amore!

Honeymoon trip

Wedding dress for locals is a very attractive object. Hardly anyone will pass you by without a sincere smile and warm wishes. All these people with their sweet words, cars with beeping made us understand again, that we have made an important step in our life. And it really makes you happy.

Wedding dress in Rome

Rome is the city of sweetest kisses and warmest hugs. It is open for everyone, but that very morning it was our city, just for me and Kirill. It seems to me that I managed to feel the atmosphere of Italy for the reason I was not alone there, I was with my sweetheart!

Rome views

Honeymoon in Italy photo

Photo session in Rome

Rome photographer


The worst thing I realised is that coffee is wrong, croissants are wrong, all the meals are not as tasty as they are in Italy. Yes, I do start with cuisine, since we are speaking about Italy and its capital. But still it is as hard to describe my feelings about the issue just as hard to find words to explain my impressions of the honeymoon trip.

Why did we choose Rome in September? I was sure that we need to knot our big day celebration with something strong, impressive and long-lasting. Just as this city. It symbolises for me real power and eternity. And did want to tighten our relationships with something as reliable as Rome.

Gogol monument in Rome

We were wearing our dress and suit because they suit the city. And of course were pleased to be warmly welcomed by locals and passers-by. It is just incredible. We wanted to take with us home not just some souvenirs and post cards, but to capture the ambiance.

Pushkin monument in Rome

That is why we hired a professional photographer in Rome Artur Jakutsevich. To tell the truth there was no democracy in our choice, since he was the only person in the list. It was an easy and very interesting morning we spent together. Thank you so much!

Honeymoon Italy and Spain

Rome photo

Wedding dress in Rome

Atmosphere of Rome

Honeymoon in Italy

Kiriill and Anna in Rome photo

From my side I would thank my beloved Kirill and Anna for inspiration, a nice September morning spent together, for the beauty and of course for the responsibility entrusted. To my mind we carried out something really fascinating and this photo shooting in Rome was a nice start of your honeymoon in Italy and generally of your family life.

Sincerely yours, Artur Jakutsevich.