Vatican engagement photoshooting for Thera and Bjorn in April

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One year before the wedding Bjorn and Thera planed to visit Vatican in order to get engaged and let their friends know about it in a very interesting way. So you may guess that it is going to be a story in photos about my new friends from Sweden and Philippines. You will also learn some facts about Saint Francis of Assisi and Vatican.

Engagement in Vatican

Shame on me, but even after so many years I’ve already spent in Italy, I didn’t know anything about Assisi. If you would have asked me about this word, I might give any answer, but for Italian town in Umbria. And it came to me from different directions: first my dear wife was told an interesting story about the place and how beautiful and spiritual it is and after my new friends Bjorn and Thera sent an email with a request for a shooting in Vatican and plans for the wedding in Assisi. That was a sign for me to learn about this place.

With the town located in Umbria is linked the name of Francis of Assisi — one of the most respected saints in Italy. And as I learnt later, he is Thera’s patron from the very date of her birth. Moreover the sitting Pope has his name. And to make this story even more complicated, I would like to mention the follow: Thera was born in Philippines and met her beloved man (who was born in Sweeden) in Australia and after some years they plan to get engaged in Vatican in order to get married in Assisi!

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Vatican Post Office

Being an independent state, Vatican has it is own post office. Millions of tourists visiting Rome send home and to friends post cards not only from Italy, but also from Vatican, because if you throw it into a yellow box with «Poste Vatican» sign, the card will get the Vatican stamp.

Poste office in Vatican

How to send a postcard in Vatican

Poste Vaticane

Engagement photo Vatican

According to our page Photographer in Rome, where you will find about 30 examples and inspiring articles, the best time to start a shooting is early morning. Together with Bjorn and Thera we got up at 5 a.m. in order to meet in Vatican border at 6 in the morning.

Vatican engagement

The famous work of genius Bernini – the St Peter’s square with the colonnade was absolutely empty and open to us only. Good morning, Vatican!

Photographer in Rome

Pre wedding photo shooting in Rome Vatican

Egagement photographer in Italy

Vatican in April

Pre wedding photo shooting in Rome in April

After a few pictures and numerous postcards sent to friends and relatives with the news of engagement we made our way to Piazza Cavour near the court. Since the weather in Rome in April is absolutely fantastic, we decided to enjoy the sun and to make very bright summer looking pictures.

Rome in April

Photo shooting in Rome in Spring

Pre wedding in Italy photo

From Rome with love photo

Lovely couple from Sweeden in Rome

Engagement photo in Italy

Wedding photographer in Rome and Italy

Lovely pre-wedding photos from Rome in April

Engagement in April ideas

Pre-wedding in Italy

Rome engagement

Pre-wedding photos from Italy

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Piazza Navona

Being so close to Piazza Navona we could not but visit it. Again it was morning, so the whole area was just for my new two friends.

Piazza Navona photo

Another masterpiece of Bernini — the Fountain of four rivers. No tourists around? Is it photoshop? No! This is morning in Rome.

Engagement in Piazza Navona in Rome

Photo of the Fountain of 4 rivers

Engagement photography in Rome

Photographer in Rome

April weather in Italy

Best engagement destination in April

On the way to Pantheon

Strolling through the streets of Rome Bjorn decided to carry his beloved lady and it turned to be a tradition of the couple. He is so huge and she is so tiny. Why not?

Pantheon in Rome

Lovers in Rome

Pre-wedding photographer in Rome

Pre-wedding photography in Rome, Italy


Another place in Rome where we pointed on the map the day before this engagement photo shooting in Vatican and Italy (yes, we always meet with my couples in advance), was Coliseum. This ancient and huge theatre with long and incredible history became the background of billions photos. These pre-wedding pictures are among them as well.

Coliseum photos

Rome Coliseum engagement

Photo shooting in Rome Coliseum

Engagement shooting in Rome Coliseum

Panoramic view in Rome

Walking from place to place and saying «Good morning, Rome» we visited lot of places and in many of them the Cupola of St. Peter’s basilica was following us.

Panoramic view in Rome

Pre-wedding photography in Italy in April

April in Rome

Villa Borghese

In April Villa Borghese is covered with flowers. Flavours and atmosphere are just amazing. My dear friends, you need to feel and smell it yourself, because I can’t share the aromas through the web-site unfortunately. Plan a trip to Rome in April, it is worth seeing and being here!

Flowers in villa Borghese

Photo shooting in villa Borghese

April in Rome photo

Spring in Rome April

What is the weather in Rome in April

Pre-wedding photo shooting in Villa Borghese

Spring in Rome

Rome in April

Boat in Villa Borghese

Romantic lake in Rome with boats

Villa Borghese

Engagement in Rome

After such a long morning stroll and pre wedding photo shooting in two countries: Vatican and Italy, Thera relaxed on the most reliable shoulder of her future husband and fell asleep under the spring Roman sun. You friend and photographer in Rome Artur Jakutsevich was also a bit tired and that was the best moment to wind up this beautiful engagement story.

Always yours,
Artur and Vladimir

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich
Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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