Prague destination wedding
Prague destination wedding: Anton and Anna
It is already one year after amazing Prague wedding of Anton and Anna took place. It was 31.08.2013 — the last summer day. It was really symbolic since the event
engagement in Prague September photo
Engagement in Prague: Lijie and Weizhang
Engagement photography in Praha, Rome, Paris and other European cities becomes more and more popular. Couples travel from different parts of the world to capture
Spring photo shooting in Prague
Spring photo shooting in Prague with Sukie and Wilson
I’m gald to share with you my fellow readers a very bright story of love. This story began in Macau several years ago, when Wilson and Sukie met each other.
Pre wedding photography in Prague
Pre-wedding in Prague: Angela & Lin
Wedding season is in full swing, and it is high time you, dear readers and future newlyweds, took a closer look at my new wedding photography in Prague.
photographer Artur Jakutsevich
Wedding in Prague — Liza & Denis & ???
This gruesome-twosome had a long and thorny way to their wedding in Prague. Denis came to conquer the city few years ago, while Liza, having finished the school
Rene and Anna near John Lennon wall
Engagement in Prague: Anna and Rene
Every summer brings a lot of projects: new places, new faces. And every couple I work with is unique, but every year I meet particular lovers that make the whole
Wedding photo shooting in Prague in October
Wedding photo shooting in Prague in October for Alvin and Dawn
Let me share with another beautiful story about wedding photo shooting in Prague in October I carried out with my colleague, professional English speaking photographer
Engagement in Prague
Engagement photography in Prague: Peter and Alina
Peter and Alina are my friends, who have been living in Czechia for recent several years. They are together from the high school. These examples of engagement photography
Engagement in Prague
Engagement photo shooting in Prague: Sasha and Kevin
Let me share with you another beautiful photo shooting carried out by my friend and colleague, professional photographer in Prague Vladimir Novikov. “
Destination wedding in Prague in October
Autumn wedding in Prague: Leisan & Peter
October is one of the most colourful months in Czech Republic. Autumn is already ruling the party: numerous parks and gardens are painted in yellow, red and orange
Jewish wedding in Prague
Jewish wedding in Prague: Alena and Michail
Jewish wedding in Prague is a very common thing nowadays. Usually couples from Israel arrange their marriages in Czech Republic with a few guest, just to have the papers singed.
Destination wedding in Prague
Winning a wedding in Prague: Elena and Ivan
Try to imagine the following: there is a person that is ready to make your dream come true. What would be your wish? A house by the sea, lots of money or a fancy car?
how much cost wedding photographer?
Honeymoon in Prague: Anna and Sergey
You remember, my dear readers, that Czech Republic is a very popular and on the other hand it is a very friendly country for sweet couples searching for romantic places.
walking tour in Prague
Summer morning with photographer in Prague: Olga and Aleksej
It is always so nice to recollect amazing summer morning, which I, as a photographer in Prague, spent with my couples. Some of them planned an engagement or honeymoon
pre wedding photographer in Prague may 2013
Pre-wedding trip to Prague in may: Anna and Anton
Today I will tell you a story about a very love couple: about Anton and Anna and their May pre-wedding trip to Prague. I came to the conclusion, that May is my favourite