Honeymoon in Prague: Anna and Sergey

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You remember, my dear readers, that Czech Republic is a very popular and on the other hand it is a very friendly country for sweet couples searching for romantic places. Therefore I do picture not only wedding and engagements, but also make honeymoon in Prague shootings. To tell the truth, every shooting for is like a first one, therefore every set is as unique as every couple is. And believe me, they are!

Honey moon in Prague

Visiting Prague

I met Anna and Sergey and the monument of St. Wenceslas early in the morning. The day before we discussed the plan and ideas, so everyone was ready to start a new amazing sunny day.

– What is the price for Artur’s pictures?
– They are priceless. (c) Anna and Sergey

Honeymoon photo ideas

The first sun beams we found already at the Old Town Square. If you visit Prague one day, find your strength to see at least this place early in the morning with no people messing around.

Old Town Square photo

As we decided it was not me who was showing the rout, we just followed the sun and one after another opened new amazing places for the couple. Of course I know the city pretty well, though with every photo shooting I highlight this or that object or location.

Prague photo

Will you marry me?

Though my new friends are married for some time, Sergey decided to surprise his beloved lady and suddenly stood on his knee and purposed Anna his heart. She got surprised and of course she was very pleased. First of all it made her feel happy and also he did it at Charles Bridge — the most romantic place in Prague.

Get married in Prague

This engagement was successful, she agreed immediately.

Engagement photo Prague

Lennon Wall

Every time I come to Lennon Wall in Prague, I do feel how alive this place is. Every day new pictures appear on the wall and make it brighter. After gothic views of the Old Town your eyes get the full range of colours and your imagination starts working. So we got inspired for some really funny pictures during this honeymoon in Prague photo shooting.

Lennon Wall

Honeymoon in Prague

Photographer in Prague

Romantic views

Every day numerous romantic streets of Prague get flooded with the crowds of tourists and it is close to impossible to notice all the details of every arch, corner, window and other constituents of the city.


When we reached the Wallenstein Garden near the metro station Malastranska, the sun was pretty high and we could enjoy the warm energy after a bit chilly morning.



And of course we did some classical pictures in front of the main attractions of the garden. By the way do you know what it is? The answers and questions are welcome in comments below the article.


St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is a huge and super impressive construction. They say people spent 600 years building it. When you come closer, you have no doubts.


Finally we left the architectural jangles of Prague.


Amazing views that opens from the Letna Garden were a good point to stop our honeymoon in Prague photo session.


Anna and Sergey, see you in soon! Maybe let’s plan an anniversary shooting in Rome?

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome