Wedding photo shooting in Prague in October for Alvin and Dawn

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Let me share with another beautiful story about wedding photo shooting in Prague in October I carried out with my colleague, professional English speaking photographer, Vladimir Novikov, for our new friends from Singapore: Alvin and Dawn. That was a chilly morning set and amazing night shooting. Enjoy and get inspired for your photo session in the Czech capital.

Sunrise at the Old Town Square

We met with the couple at the Old Town Square — the heart of Prague Old Town. There are so many places of interest, that when the square is empty one can spend there hours taking photos.

The weather was terrible, but my Singaporean friends were so strong and positive, that we just didn’t notice the fact. As a result we got really beautiful pictures and continued the wedding photo shooting in Prague in October.

Even in Autumn Prague is a good idea for a photo shooting

We took these photos around 7 a.m. When in about 11 a.m. we were going near this place and I told Alvin and Dawn, that it was the very place where we were taking pictures in the morning, they did not believe. It was so crowded, that we could hardly move.

Karlova Streets is the shortest way from the Old Town Square to Charles Bridge. Believe me or not, but there was no people at all. Our couples are always in a privileged position: during the wedding photo shootings in Prague they can see the top attractions without people.

Another viewpoint at Prague Castle, where we planned to be in the evening part of this wedding session in Prague.

Charles Bridge was also free of people. Therefore we could make a wish and listen to the legend about St John from Nepomuk. Have you heard about him?

Romantic streets of Prague are so cute, that couples are ready to take photos in any weather. And it is really beautiful, isn’t it!

After October Prague streets it was a relief for our eyes to look at bright and colorful Lennon Wall. This is the place, where so many couples like to take wedding photos in Prague

After the wall we moved to say hi to swans in Prague. There is a huge population of these white birds in Prague and they are always happy to pause, provided you have some bread.

Night photo shooting in Prague Castle

We finished the morning part of this wedding photo shooting in Prague in October about 11 a.m. In the evening there was the night session in Prague Castle.

We were so happy and lucky to see all the time empty Prague with no tourists around. Alvin and Dawn absolutely liked such unique atmosphere!

Finally we arrived at St. Vitus Cathedral, which was the last point of this night wedding shooting in Prague.

Alvin and Dawn, we are very happy to have you among our friends and clients. I do hope that this wedding photo shooting in Prague in October will be just the beginning of your family photo life. See you soon in Singapore.

Artur and Vladimir