Winning a wedding in Prague: Elena and Ivan

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Try to imagine the following: there is a person that is ready to make your dream come true. What would be your wish? A house by the sea, lots of money or a fancy car? Everyone has his own ideas. I would like to tell you a story about Elena and Ivan, who were lucky enough to meet such people, who helped the couple to make their dream come true. To cut a long story short, they won a free luxurious destination wedding in Prague in September.

Prague photo

Elena and Ivan took part in a wedding contest and were a success. As the reward for their strong desire and active participation they got the marriage planned in the capital of the Czech Republic. Strawberry became the theme of the big day. Sweet red berry was a great edition to red roofs of Prague. The colour is very bright, that’s why bouquet, accessories and deco were thought over very thoroughly.

Wedding cake in Prague

One of the stages of the contest was to make a movie, where the brides explained the reasons for them to be a winning couple for a destination wedding in Prague. Elena and Ivan were the best pair among the participant and that’s why they won. When we met the couple in Czech Republic, they we super surprised. But personal communication between the planners and me as a wedding photographer played a very important role. Thanks to it people trust each other.

Bride’s and groom’s morning

Bride's morning photo

Morning of the bride and the groom began in different places. Ivan set for a walk to meet his bride in the most beautiful garden of Prague. Elena stood in a hotel to create the image together with the professional stylist. That’s why we had enough time to make several photos of Ivan first and of course for Elena.

Official marriage in Prague

The meeting of the bride and the groom was very emotional. Elena was super-beautiful. And Ivan was full of emotions when he saw his sweetheart. Just an amazing start of destination wedding in Prague!

How to meet the bride

Then we headed to the riverside to make a couple of pics with classical view of Prague. Charles bridge and white swans are one of the main tourist attraction of the city. Everyone knows the place! Therefore all the couples how get married in Czech Republic and in Prague would like to have such a picture for good memory.

Charles Bridge and swans

There was a fancy Rolls-Royce waiting for us to drive the couple to the place where the dreams come true. Though it was September, the weather was quite warm, with no rain and a bit cloudy sky — just the best possible combination for photography.

Rolls-Royce in Prague

Official ceremony in Klementinum

Wedding ceremony was held in one of the greatest halls of Czech Republic. Klementinum has special atmosphere. The building breathes with history and has dozens of secrets, legends and myths. If you are going to get married in Prague, then keep this place in your mind. Have a question? Feel free to contact our team.

Wedding in Klementinum

Nearest and dearest people were invited to this destination wedding in Prague. People that helped to organize that day also congratulated Elena and Ivan, of course me and my colleagues from Mongooses.TV were among them.

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Dear Elena and Ivan, I would like to congratulate you once again on your amazing and beautiful destination wedding in Prague! Keep on travelling and dreaming! Remember, that your marriage is just the starting point of your family life.

Sincerely yours, Artur Jakutsevich

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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