Destination wedding
Honeymoon in Italy: Daphne and Garry
My dear friends, let me introduce you to a wonderful couple from Hong Kong: Daphne and Garry. They planned to spent their honeymoon in Italy and found me as a photographer
Wedding photo shooting in Prague in October
Wedding photo shooting in Prague in October for Alvin and Dawn
Let me share with another beautiful story about wedding photo shooting in Prague in October I carried out with my colleague, professional English speaking photographer
Verona Juliet's house
Juliet’s house in Verona: for Lina and Anton only
After amazing wedding ceremony in Castello di Pavone the Anton made a very romantic present for his beloved Lina. Right the following day after the official marriage
Wedding trip to Riomaggiore: Egor and Olga
Today I will illustrate in wedding photos from Riomaggiore one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. This is one of five fisherman villages located in Cinque
Ischia honeymoon photo shooting for Anton and Ksenia
Today I will tell you a story about honeymoon in Ischia. To my mind Italy is the richest country in the world for interesting places attractive to brides and grooms
Destination wedding in Prague in October
Autumn wedding in Prague: Leisan & Peter
October is one of the most colourful months in Czech Republic. Autumn is already ruling the party: numerous parks and gardens are painted in yellow, red and orange
Engagement photography in Amsterdam: Elena and Dmirty
Amsterdam is an extremely beautiful city. I love it, because it presents something unique for every one. For me it presents autumn and winter. As I’ve never come
Weekend in Holland: photos of Rotterdam
It has passed just two months after together with my sweetheart I was discovering new places in Paris and made a photo session in La Defense district.
Wedding photographer in Rome Italy
Official marriage in Rome: Elena and Denis
Dear fellow readers, brides and friends. I continue my tradition of telling stories about the couples I work with. Today we shall behold a very beautiful photo shooting