Honeymoon in Italy: Daphne and Garry

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My dear friends, let me introduce you to a wonderful couple from Hong Kong: Daphne and Garry. They planned to spent their honeymoon in Italy and found me as a photographer to capture some lovely moments. Since the trip’s starting point was in Rome, we had a gorgeous photo shooting in October in the most beautiful city in the world.

We met with Daphne and her beloved in a restaurant to discuss the plan of our photo shooting. Together with the lovers  we decide to have two parts of the honeymoon photo session in Rome: morning and evening.

One of the reasons why we wanted to split the time was the desire to change the looks. Daphne had a fantastic evening gown which was a perfect fit for Garry’s suit.

Honeymoon in Italy photography

Morning in Rome

As I learnt from the couple, in their country people are not get used to kisses and showing off feelings in public, therefore it could hardly capture a kiss.

That morning we were fortunate to find one of the most well-known attractions with no people around. That was a perfect start to the honeymoon trip to Italy and Rome. The morning in October is the best time to begin the shooting.

Honeymoon in Italy

Daphne had no desire either to visit popular and overcrowded attractions. Therefore just after the shooting in Spanish Steps, we moved to Villa Borghese. Huge trees impressed Garry. They are both in love with the ambiance of the place. But, again, I was capturing precious tender moments.

Honeymoon photography in Italy

Villa Borghese in Rome

Evening city

The evening part of the honeymoon in Italy photo shooting we started from the very center of Rome. The idea was to have some photos with the warm yellow light of the city and of course to reflect the love of my new friends.

Evening photo shooting in Italy

Honeymoon in Italy

I need to thank Garry and Daphne for such beautiful photography we managed to create together. This honeymoon in Italy was a great push in my career as a professional wedding photographer in Rome.

Sincerely, Artur!

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome