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Dear fellow readers, brides and friends. I continue my tradition of telling stories about the couples I work with. Today we shall behold a very beautiful photo shooting from official marriage in Rome of Elena and Denis in October. Together we planed an amazing event, which I reflected in photos below. Get inspired with incredible love!

Some 10-15 years ago it was hard to imagine that more and more couples would travel the globe in order to get married in a different country according to different traditions. I’m sure that in several following years this tendency of destination wedding in Italy and other countries will reach even bigger popularity.

Wedding in October

It is pretty easy and in some cases even cheaper to plan an official wedding ceremony in Rome, for instant, than to have the same event in your own city. Such kind of traveling can also add new feelings and open new experiences. For Elena and Denis their marriage was quite a discovery. As it turned out, both of them came to Rome for the first time in life. I have never met before such an extreme couple. Moreover Denis and Elena wanted to start the family life with no one around, just they two.

Wedding in Rome

Official ceremony

The official marriage was registered in the Red hall in of Capitola in Rome. This building used to serve as discussion venue in ancient timed, where a lot of important agreements were made. Today couples from all over the world can book the date and have their family started in the Capitola.

Official marriage in Rome

Wedding photo shooting

After the ceremony I was happy to be the first person to open Rome to the newlyweds. Elena and Denis were shining with feelings and excitement. The basic plan was to feel the city and to have a wedding photo shooting in the most attractive locations.

Wedding photo shooting in Rome

Villa Borghese

The firs place to go and to start our wedding photo shooting around Italian capital was the Villa Borghese — huge landscape park in Rome with amazing and very picturesque views. This is one of my favourite locations in this city. It has quite unique compilation of monuments, ancient trees and fantastic panoramas.

Wedding photographer in Italy Artur Jakutsevich

Villa Borghese

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Get married in Rome

Wedding photography in Italy

Wedding photo shooting in Rome

Altar of the fatherland

After nice time spent in Villa Borghese we decided to continue our wedding photo shooting in Rome moving to very classical views of the city. And one of them is Altar of the fatherland. That is a huge and one of the most recognisable constructions in the capital of Italy. The tricky thing with it, is that it is too big to have a photo in front of the building itself. Therefore we climbed a hill some 20 meters above the road and made these gorgeous photos.

Altar of the fatherland

Wedding photography in Rome

I knew that Denis and Elena are very extreme couple, but when they agreed to have these photo taken, I was pretty surprised, since the hight was quite big. Passers-by were stoping to shout “Auguri!” To my mind these are very nice examples of professional wedding photography in Rome

Wedding photographer in Rome Italy


And of course we came to one of the most attractive and unique building in Rome — Coliseum. Elena got inspired with one wedding photo shooting she found on my website. There was a set of photo with Coliseum as a back ground. So at our first meeting before this particular marriage, I was asked by Denis to make our way the this famous attraction. And we did it!

Coliseum wedding photo

Wedding and engagement photographer in Rome Italy

Wedding video

That day we worked together with Alexander Znaharchuk and Kristina Kremko, professional event videographers. They created an amazing video about the big day. To my mind this is a perfect example of unique and romantic wedding video in Rome and Italy.

Elena and Denis, I would like to thank you so much for you decision to get officially married in Italy, for you love and tenderness. Thank you so much for sharing your love and emotions. It was my pleasure to be your Italian wedding photographer. Your October marriage in Rome will always be in my heart. Hope to see you soon,

Sincerely yours,

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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