Weekend in Holland: photos of Rotterdam


It has passed just two months after together with my sweetheart I was discovering new places in Paris and made a photo session in La Defense district. It was amazing times with warm weather and perfect light. Now it is already October, though in Rome it is still fine, the rest of Europe suffers from rains and cold. Nevertheless we don’t stop traveling and visiting new cities and countries. Today I would like to tell you about our latest trip to Holland. Find my photos of Rotterdam and travel tips from my wife Jane.

Photographer in Rotterdam

Photographer in Rotterdam

Holland was put into my to-do list several months ago, when I heard from our friend Alexander Znaharchuk about queen’s birthday party in Amsterdam. What made me smile that moment, according to his words, everybody are invited. Unfortunately I could just try to feel the atmosphere of the great Netherlands holiday viewing the video and some photos, as well as when listening to the stories from that trip. But! My piece of cake was waiting for!

Netherlands photographer

Last year when my dear Artur was on his way to Singapore, where he was invited by Tong Tong and Alvin to picture their wedding, he send several pictures of Amsterdam and I truly felt the magic atmosphere of the city. All these numerous cute houses, water and bikes everywhere! And finally I have a chance to go there as an assistant for the photo session of a lovely couple from Russia Elena and Dmitry.


 Unique city with amazing architecture

We live in Rome, therefore I have completely forgotten about autumn and cold in October. While getting ready for the trip I checked the forecast that was not too optimistic. Rotterdam as well as Amsterdam were in the influence of northern streams and the temperature was about 10 degrees Celsius. Luckily I had some clothes for such a temperature.

From Rotterdam to Amsterdam

To have a chance to cover two cities we book our hotel in Rotterdam. Connection between two cities is very good. One hour on a comfortable train and you are in the Amsterdam Centraal — central railway station. It was a very good solution for us, on the one hand we saved much, since hotels in Amsterdam are quite expensive, it is a very popular city with tourists, in the other hand we enjoyed the city of the biggest port in Europe.

Photographer in Rotterdam

After the World War II Rotterdam was completely destroyed and now it is a modern, comfortable and a super transparent city. Millions of tons of cargo is delivered to and sent from Rotterdam port. Therefore the city has several huge and high bridges, for the ships to pass in even being loaded.

Bridge in Rotterdam

Of course, as any city in this country, Rotterdam has well developed bicycle transport system with special roads, parkings and traffic lights. Though we did not have time and opportunity to make a ride around the city, we felt how important bicycles are for citizens.

Photo session in Rotterdam

Photo shooting

Even though my future husband is a photographer, I do feel confused being pictured. Therefore I don’t know how he manages to capture exactly the moments when I do look relaxed and natural.

Photo shooting in Rotterdam




















We found a nice reflection to have at least one photo from Rotterdam together.

Photo Rotterdam

And one more picture, but from Amsterdam already, where photographer highlighted architecture and the bike soul of the magic city.


Thank you, my love, for this amazing weekend in Holland and of course fir this lovely photos shooting in Rotterdam!

Sincerely yours, Jane

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome