Engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam

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I would like to share a new report about an engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam carried out by my friend and colleague, professional photographer Vladimir Novikov. This is his story.

Engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a dream city, therefore every shooting is so exciting for me. It doesn’t matter if it is engagement, wedding or honeymoon. I’m happy to capture beautiful people in amazing interiors of the city.

ideas for shooting in Amsterdam

My new friends came from Unite Arab Emirates. It was their third visit to the Netherlands and its capital. The atmosphere of the city captured them and holds after the first trip. Therefore when they were thinking of an engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam the choice was obvious — let’s find an English speaking photographer in Amsterdam.

Where to take photo in Amsterdam?

There are so many places where to take photos in Amsterdam. The city is like an open air museum. There is a lot of water, canals, bikes and beautiful architecture.

Where to take photo in Amsterdam?

To be a success at the engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam we met with the couple in advance and discussed the plans. The plan was to start from the Museum square to take unique photos of “I AMSTERDAM” huge sign.
I amsterdam photo
Romantic photo shooting in Amsterdam
English speaking photographer in Amsterdam
Amsterdam engagement

Please, keep it in secret: the best time to come the sign is early morning. As we did it. Have a look at these love engagement photos from Amsterdam.

Amsterdam photographer

From the museum square we moved to discover canals and architecture of Amsterdam.

Ideas for engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam
September photo shooting in Amsterdam
Amsterdam love story
Professional photo shooting in Amsterdam
Ideas for engagement shooting in Europe
Photo session in Amsterdam

We finished the shooting with a classic photo taken near the central railway station. That was a lovely and very romantic engagement photo shooting in Amsterdam. Hope to see you guys soon in Rome or Prague.

Sincerely, yours Vladimir Novikov.”

P.S. From my side I would like to add that Vladimir made really a good job: planning the shooting, thinking of details and as a result we have amazing example of pre wedding session in our portfolio of professional English speaking photographers in Amsterdam.