Lake Garda Wedding: Svetlana and Sergei

Wedding at Garda Lake Italy photo Photographer in Italy

Today I will tell you a story about one very special project I worked at this year: Lake Garda wedding. You know, Italy is a country of enormous amount of sightseeings, rich history and interesting traditions. Thousand of places give a chance to dream and make your dreams come true. Lake Garda is located in the Northern part of Italy near Alps. Moreover, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in country. Many brides wish to have their Italian marriages there. And now I understand, why they wish to say «yes» at the Lake – it gives you unforgettable emotions and as a result amazing photos.

Today I would like to tell you about Svetlana and Sergei’s wedding, which I was shooting with my colleague and friend Peter Tsvyd — one of the best videographer in Europe. I do believe that my story and pictures will inspire to choose Garda Lake as their luxury destination wedding venue.

One wedding day

Bride’s morning was a special one. Nature woke up together with her. It was incredible morning full of emotions and light. Let me show what a landscape was waiting behind the walls of hotel, while the stylist worked on Svetlana’s look. So let’s begin one wedding day story from the Lake Garda in Italy.

Lake Garda wedding

The couple stayed at a small town called Arco not far from Riva del Garda.

Riva del Garda

Do you still have doubts where to have your destination wedding and where to spend your honeymoon?

Honeymoon in Italy Garda Laka

I took the wedding dress for a while to make some pictures in the valley.

wedding dress

But I had to give it back to the bride.

Garda wedding dress

While Svetlana is still preparing, we will have a short walk along the vineyards.

Italy vineyards

Experiments with the wedding rings! Let them gain positive energy and strength from the old vine.

Wedding rings

What about our groom Sergej? As any groom, he had far less things to do. That’s why we decided to have a ride on Vespa. Sergej is a real hero, because he had never ride a motorbike, but he did it here, in Italy!

Italy Vespa wedding photos

After we took some shots, I Svetlana coming to us. She was shining was a smile and beauty.

Bride and Groom Lake Garda

There are the moments, which the guys will remember for the rest of life. A pair of sweet photos and we are going to the ceremony.

Wedding photographer in Italy

Official ceremony in Malcesine Castle

Official marriage in Italy can be registered only in a city hall or in a church. The second variant is possible provided both of you are catholics and took special courses before the ceremony. This couple got their official ceremony planed in Malcesine Castle in Garda.

Official marriage in Italy

Malcesine castle is located in the very heart of narrow middle-aged streets. To get to the castle we had to walk through the town and it helped us greatly to plunge into the atmosphere.

Garda Old Town photo

The ceremony at Malcesine is held on an open air with a panoramic view on Garda, the Alps and roofs of the houses.


Dear brides, take into consideration, that even if you have the wedding ceremony for two only (bride and groom), the best men should present from your sides, it is obligatory in Italy. Somehow Svetlana forgot about this issue, therefore Peter (my colleague videographer) had to be a witness.

Garda Lake wedding ceremony

At any wedding brides are nervous. Even if they say that everything is fine, they are thrilled and can only hide true emotions or show them as they are. Guess, who is more nervous?

Bride and groom Italy photo

Here at the wedding by Garda Lake in Italy, all the nervous feelings of the brides were chilled down with the ambiance of the location. It is simply something outstanding!

Garda photo

The key moment of any marriage is when a groom and a bride exchange their rings. I do love to look at them, at their behaviour and how nervous they are and how they look at each other.

Official ceremony Italy Garda

According to Italian law, after all the vows made and signatures given, the bride and groom are officially named wife and husband!

Italian wedding Law

After the official ceremony we made some photos with the marriage officer.

Wedding in Malcesine Castle

Photo shooting at the Lake

After the ceremony we a long and interesting wedding photo shooting at Garda Lake. The brides were absolutely happy and in some mounts they complete forgot about me.

wedding photo shooting

Garda wedding photo

Garda Lake wedding


Photographer at Garda Lake

Garda Lake wedding venues

Best Italian photographer

Lake Garda

After the photoset among the hills we went back to the town. Before the wedding we noticed a nice gelateria (an italian cafe, where one can buy tasty italian ice-cream) and wanted to try local ice-cream.

Italian ice-cream

Commemorative picture (Svetlana – the bride, Sergej – the groom, Arthur Jakutsevich – photographer in Italy).

Photographer in Italy

We gained strength, relaxed and ate a little bit.

Wedding photoshooting

Wedding photos ideas Italy

Garda summer photo

Though the summer in Garda Lake is pretty warm, the sky was super cloudy.

Summer in Garda Lake

After some hours spent together brides decided to exhale and to enjoy unique panoramic views over the lake.

Garda panorama

Italy Garda wedding photo

Wedding photographer in Italy


Boat trip

Malcesine town, where the ceremony was held, is located on the lake bank, 20 kilometres away from Riva del Garda, where the newlyweds had a banquet. So we faced the choice: whether to rent a car or a motorboat. Guess which vehicle Svetlana and Sergej wanted to have?

Boat trip in Garda

Lake Garda is famous for its unreal sun sets, that proved this statement. We were waiting for our boat for 20 minutes and that was enough to catch great light and as a result get fantastic wedding photos.

Wedding photos

Do you believe that it is real?

Garda sunset

Awesome landscape!

Garda Lake Italy photo

Another 15 minutes to relax before the ride in a boat over Garda.

Wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich Italy Garda Lake

Ideas for wedding photo shooting

Alps photo from Italy

«Let me be your captain for the rest your life!»

Wedding in Italian Lake

And we started the ride. It was just amazing. I won’t comment to much, just enjoy the pictures and views.


It seamed, that there would be heavy rain and a thunder-storm. But we are Russians, we never give up!

Wedding at Garda lake photo and video

I am sure that only from a boat one can experience all the beauty of the lake.

Boat trip Garda Lake Italy

Italian castle

The Alps photo

Peter is catching some precious moments of the trip. He is always the first to see the things happening. I think this is a very positive feature for professional wedding videographer in Italy.

Wedding videographer in Italy

Within some 10 minutes the sky over Garda was grey. Clouds were extremely low and we were expecting the shower to start.

Wedding trip at Garda

Nevertheless, the newlyweds were not afraid of being wet. They were enjoying the moment!


Rain already began but it didn’t matter. I do love this very funny wedding picture.

Funny wedding pics

Our captain took us into a little cave, were we could wait until the rain stops. Though we were all wet.

Italian photographer

Restaurant to celebrate

By the time we got to the restaurant by the cost of the Lake Garda to celebrate the wedding, we were soaked to the skin. The storm reached us and there were no place to hide away, but for a little cave. This part of our trip you will watch in the video.

Restaurant in Garda Lake

To respect the traditions we decided to ask all the girls who were present at the restaurant to catch bride’s bouquet.

Brides bouquet

wedding photographer in Garda Lake

Wedding video

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine wedding without a video. I would like to turn the floor over Peter, who got through happy moments of the day.

Videographer: Svetlana and Sergej’s wedding became another adorning of my portfolio. From the first minutes we understood each other and planed the day together. Though, Sergej managed to surprise me and Arthur in the end of the wedding. Summer rain reached us, when we were in the middle of the Lake, but newlyweds were very happy and enjoyed this present from nature. I and Arthur were excited, as we also also try to be positive in any situation. Such projects live in your memory for always. Thank you for your trust!

How much does a wedding on Lake Garda cost?

Dear friends, I am sure, that you like this real wedding at Lake Garda. In case you are among the ones who plans the event, I would share some figures with you. So, that you could image how much such a wedding may cost, I am sharing with you approximate prices.

  • 600 – 1 500 Euro – official ceremony in Malcesine Castle, depending on the day of the week. Weekends are more expensive;
  • 400 – 500 Euro – Nulla Osta, which will be sent to your place of living. A document, that proves that you do not have any impediments to get married. (This document is necessary for every foreigner, who decided to marry in Italy);
  • 1 500 Euro – services of a wedding planer and an interpreter. As for me, it is easier to hire such a person, that will do all the hard job, regarding documents and organisation.
  • 250 – 300 Euro – make-up and hair-do;
  • 100-200 Euro – rent of a motorboat;
  • 100 Euro – diner in a restaurant for two. Medium cost of the dinner is 25-50 Euro with vine;
  • 100-200 Euro per day for living expenses for two;
  • 500 – 800 Euro flight tickets, dpending on the country you fly from;
  • 100 Euro per night for a room in a 4*Hotel (B&B);
  • 3 200 Euro – photo and video shooting. To learn more about our approach to the job, read FAQ

Finally, we get from 7 000 to 9 000 Euro for a wedding and a five-day holidays in one of the beautiful places of the world. It is really a good price. If you are planing to have a wedding with 20 guests, the banquet will cost 1 500 Euro maximum. You won’t eat more.
Flight tickets and hotel will cost 1 500 – 2 000 Euro.
Remember, that every wedding is unique. To know more about us and how we arrange our projects, fill out the contact form get free consultations from one of the best wedding planer in Europe —Vladimir Novikov.

From my side, I would like to express my excitement of Svetlana and Sergej! I am sure, that the captain of the boat will tell his grandchildren the story about crazy Russians, that weren’t afraid of the storm, but were enjoying it. It was a great wedding day in Italy and Garda Lake, thanks, that you let me spend it with you and catch its best moments. Never look back! Yours, Arthur Yakutsevich.

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome