Xinyi & Samuel: wedding photo shooting in Riomaggiore (Italy) in June

Photographer in Italy

Xinyi and Samuel planned a honeymoon trip to Italy in June. They had a dream to arrange a professional photo shooting in a fisherman village Riomaggiore located at the shore of Ligurian sea. To find a professional Italian photographer they followed the reference of the friends Dorene and Jason. For the latter I made an amazing session in Rome in January.

Riomaggiore photoshooting

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Xinyi and Samuel stopped on me as a photographer in Riomaggiore and we started the dialogue. With all my clients we make a lot of planning in advance. Here I got a lot of help from my assistant Vladimir. The last convincing moment was the story about a photoshooting in Riomaggiore for Olga and Egor.

How to find hotel

Hotel in Riomaggiore

I want to point out that June in Italy is a very busy month. Riomaggiore is also totally booked at this period. The hotel where I slept last time Hotel Villa Argentina had no vacant rooms for the dates. So do search and book 3-4 months in advance. Don’t forget that it is better to find a hotel or a room in Riomaggiore close to Christoforo Colombo Street. This time I stopped at Ciao Bella B&B, which was quite comfortable and cosy. Strongly recommend this place.

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How to get there?

Usually I travel from Rome to Riomaggiore by train. First I go to la Spezia, the biggest city in the area and after change for a regional train. Total cost for one-way tickets per person is 20-50 Euros, depending on how much in advance you book it.

Photo shooting

Most of the tourists traveling through the national park Cinque Terre come to see Riomaggiore only for one day, therefore after 10-11 a.m. tiny streets of the village are flooded with people. To make the pictures you see in this report, I make my clients get up at 5-6 in the morning.

Riomaggiore photographer

Moreover I always recommend to spend there at least 2-3 days discovering the cosy neighbourhoods, trying local food and meeting nice people. My previous couple lived in Riomaggiore a week and enjoyed every single hour!


We started the shooting in the village from the most popular location — the bay. If you’ve seen such pictures, you will never believe that it is possible to make them at all. The first question always is the same: where are the people from the background? Magic secret is very simple — get up early and be the first to see the dawn.

With Xinyi and Samuel we had a fantastic morning photo shooting in Riomaggiore. Have a look at the results and get inspired for a professional session for you!

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Wedding photo shooting in Riomaggiore in June

After thousands of steps we had to go up and down that day to enjoy fantastic views of the mountains, sea and the village, Xinyi relaxed, took her shoes off and let me take a picture of such a happy and a bit tired her.

Lovely bride from Singapore in Riomaggiore in Italy

The shooting took us about 4 hours. We managed to visit the most interesting spots in Riomaggiore before the time groups of day tourists started to arrive. I was happy to see that with every new place and picture taken my new friends got more and more inspired!
Thank you Samuel and Xinyi for such an amazing morning we spent with you in Riomarriore. See you in Singapore!
Yours, Vladimir and Artur.

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome