Wedding in Italian castle Castello di Pavone

Wedding in Castello di Pavone Photographer in Italy

Castle wedding in Italy and is a dream of every little princess. Personally I know a lot of them. Some years ago such a dream could remain a dream for good, because of difficulty with travelling abroad, bureaucracy and other issues. But we live in amazing times and can make wishes come true. Now everything depends on desires and abilities of any individual. So there is absolutely no obstacles, which can prevent you from getting married in Italy.

Today I will show you an interesting story of love. My heroes are Lina and Anton from Ukraine. The came to Italy to have an official wedding ceremony, which always was a dream of her. Marriage, castle and Italy. Let’s begin!

Castello di Pavone

Italian Castle

The name of the place where all the actions took place is Castello di Pavone. In English — castle of a pea cock. It is located on the north of Italy some 50 kilometres from Turin. The castle is an pearl of middle age architecture of the region. Although it is a historical place, it has a 4**** hotel, and quite delicious restaurant. Lifahack for interested: if you book a room in the hotel, you will get the keys of quite unique halls, which are normally closed for day tourists. You will be free to touch and go anywhere you like. The only place I’ve experienced such conditions ever, was Chateau Challain in France.

Wedding rings

When the date approaches, every bride is getting nervous and some of them do panic. It is true. Every day some new information comes from the organisers and it happens when the brides are some thousands kilometres from the location. It is should be thrilling, isn’t it. For Line and Anton as for most of the couples willing to have a destination wedding in Italy, the planning process was quite stressful. But as a result they had an amazing ceremony and Lina’s dream, to have a wedding in a castle, came true.

Wedding in Italy

Getting married

But let us finally plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday and enjoy the beauty for the brides. I know, that these are photos, that can reflect the amnions of the day, but I will do my best to mix them with my comments.

Get married in Italian castle

Bride’s morning

Almost any wedding photo shooting we start from the make up. but there is a tricky moment about it. Some of the brides are easily irritated in the morning, when they are getting ready. Therefore I never interfere too much into the process, but capture the moments or work on the details. For instance, I do pay huge attention to the wedding rings, which as considered to be quite important elements of amy marriage.


But also, when I work in such a unique place as Castell di Pavone, I reflect not only interiors, but exteriors of the venue. Here we had an impressive view from the window.

Bride portrait

While Lina was examining the work of the make up artist, I captured quite a true expression, when the bride looks absolutely reserved and serious.

Castle in Italy

But at that very moment everything was quite opposite in the groom’s morning. As almost all the men, who get married, Anton was calm and easy. No worries could have been noticed on his face.

Groom's morning

We decide to make some portraits for him as well.

Groom's portrait

Meanwhile, Lina was ready for the big day. She was a true princess.

Lovely bride

Some thrilling moments before they met.

Wedding portrait

Italian wedding photography

And here they see each other! I can’t tell you with my words, how much I love these sincere moments, when bride and groom meet. They are always very happy!

Bride meets the groom

But on the other hand, for a professional wedding photographer such moments are quite complicated. Because you need to concentrate not only one the moment itself, but also consider the composition, lights and other important issues.

Professional wedding photographer

Classic wedding photos

Get married in Italy

Lovely brides

Before going to the ceremony, we decide to have some classic wedding photos.

Best wedding photography in Italy

Knight’s armour filled up the ancient atmosphere of this italian castle.

Destination wedding in Europe

Wedding details

Where to get married in Italy?

The other important thing about this particular wedding in Italy, was the careful attention of the brides to details. Have a look at the bouquet. To tell the truth, it can hit the top ten I’ve ever seen.

Wedding bouquet


Wedding in Italian Castle

Italian Castle

Happy brides

Official marriage

At the event happened something really outstanding. Anton’s parents decided to make a surprise and to come to the wedding. Let me explain to you the situation. Since it was a destination marriage both of the brides didn’t want to trouble friends and relatives with a long trip to Italy and planed to have a party at home afterwards.

Official marriage in Castello di Pavone



Just a little note for the those of you, who is planning to get married in Italy. There are several documents you will need to have an official ceremony, but the most important one is «Nula Osta» — the paper the you get in the embassy of your country. To get the document you will need from 1 to 3 months. Thus it is important to start preparing for your dream to come true in advance. In case you need more details about the procedure, feel out our contact form and we will send you all the information required.

Official wedding ceremony in Italy

But let’s get back to the ceremony. That day was quite a surprising in terms of weather. As usually happens, the bride was readily worried about the forecast. Quite a typical mistake of all the couples I know. Of course there was no rain. Clouds carefully covered the sky creating amazing and super soft light so important for the shooting.

Happy moment

Marriage in Italy

Italian marriage

So we began in time, with no worries. According to Italian low and tradition the procedure was held by the head of the town.

Family portrait

Happy wife

And when the rings were exchange it was high time to have some champagne.


Wedding reception

Photo shooting

After the ceremony I always ask the brides to spent some time together in a bit careless and free way, in order to show in my photos how different their mood is from that they had in the morning. So Anton and Lina were just enjoying the beauty of the castle and each other, while I was observing them and picturing





We didn’t have any strict plan. The best guide for us was the Castello di Pavone itself and our intuition.



When Lina told me the that several years ago they climbed the mount Everest I realised that I had to act and to event something really special for such brave people. The walls of the castle looked really interesting. Why not to sit on them for a while?








After a bit of extreme we had some romantic photos. Idea thing for a wedding photo shooting in a castle.

Wedding photographer in Italy



Italian wedding photographer
And of course the final of that wedging day in Italy was the dinner with lots of traditional Italian food and local vine.

Castello di Pavone

Wedding video

At this very event I worked together with my colleague Peter Tsvyd. He is a professional wedding videographer. Below you may enjoy the final result of his work — amazing wedding video from Castello di Pavone.

How much does such a wedding cost?

For sure, many couples are concerned about the cost of a destination marriage. As you know everything depends on individual preferences. The first and approximate calculations can be made by taking into account common expenses (documents, wedding ceremony, bouquet, living cost, embellishment, photo and video). If we speak about general price, such an official wedding ceremony in Castello di Pavone for two people will cost from 7 000 to 9 000 Euros.

If your plan includes guests, expenses will be higher. You can host relatives and friends in 27 rooms of the hotel. Rooms can be book with no problems via Approximate cost are from 140 to 180 Euros. Usual bill for a dinner (3 courses) at the hotel’s restaurant is 50-60 Euros per person. Wedding dinner with drinks will cost about 100 Euros per person.

But mind, that there are special offers, if you are planning the wedding just for two.

I would recommend you to hire a professional wedding planner, who will save your nerves and time. Among my colleges there are really reliable professionals, who I will sincerely recommend you. So if you have any questions, please send them via the contact form.

How to get to the Castello di Pavone?

It is really easy to get to Castello di Pavone. You need to reach Turin. At the railway station you take a train to Ivrea city. The road will take you about 50 minutes. And after from the station you need to take a taxi which will cost about 15 Euros. And there you are.

My brides, Lina and Anton, started their trip around Italy right after the castle wedding ceremony in Italy. And their first place to visit was Verona. I came there as well in order to create a very romantic story of love. Have a look at a Juliet’s house and the beautiful bride.

Dear Lina and Anton, thank you for being so cute and sincere.
Yours, Artur Jakutsevich

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome