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Several months ago I published a story about elopement in Chateau Challain. Veronica and Anzor came to France after they got married in Russia to spent several days in a fairy-tale. Today I will continue the story about my this fairy-tale venue. The heroes of this story are: Mohammed and Amelia.

I often receive requests from brides with questions about luxury destination wedding locations in France. This country is famous for its history, castles and fancy events. But I should warn you, that this is one negative side in considering France as a destination for a marriage. Foreigners can not have their family officially register, therefore only symbolic ceremonies and elopements are possible. Though the venues for either big weddings or just for two are numerous and amazing.

Wedding in France

Official marriage took place in London, but to celebrate their big day Amelia with Mohammed and their friends decided in Chateau Challain. All in all they spent almost a week there together with families. As to me, I was invited as a professional destination wedding photographer for a 3-day shooting. So let me tell you the story step by step.

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The first day — guests arrive in Chateau

The brides arrived in France for the elopement several days before the date. They had some time to enjoy Paris and to get inspired. The day when I and my colleagues videographers from Mongooses.TV studio were in Nantes (the city has the closest airport to Chateau) the guests started arriving. Therefore right after we talked to Amelia and Mohammed about the plan for the wedding and listened to their wishes for the shooting, we started the work. Task number one was to capture some moments from guests arrival and from the welcoming pre-wedding dinner in Chateau.

Pre wedding dinner

After the dinner all the guests moved to the terrace to enjoy fresh air. There was a band singing. Gentlemen were smoking cigars, ladies were chatting about the upcoming day. To my mind such a tradition of such a dinner is very interesting and should be implemented in every big wedding, because guest have a chance to know each other well.

Chateau Challain

The second day — elopement

This day was fully devoted to the wedding itself. The first half of the day was quite relaxed, people we getting up, hanging around and preparing for the ceremony. Closer to the afternoon guests were gathering in a hall where the first cocktail was served. The wedding ceremony began as the New Year, sharp at midnight. I should highlight that it was my first night wedding. Just the same as for the Chateau Challain team. And it was a challenge.

Night wedding

To my mind this project was quite unique experience for as a professional wedding photographer. And not only for me. The fair works which served as the end of the ceremony in the garden, will be the subject of evening discussion in local houses around Chateau of quite a long time. The thing is that according to French law one isn’t allowed to start fire works after the midnight. Nevertheless Cynthia, the owner of Chateau Challain, took the risk on herself and allowed the crew to lighten the sky with thousands of sparkles. And it was absolutely fantastic. Just after that the dinner was served and Great Gatsby party began.

Great Gatsby wedding

The third day — wedding photo shooting

The big day ended with the first beams of the following day. So the Chateau was asleep until midday. That was the time when most of the guests started packing the goods and to get ready for the departure. The fair tale was over, but not for the newlyweds. Due to the fact the day before we didn’t manage to have some sweet shots, we decided to spent some hours together with Mohammed and Amelia walking around the interiors and parks.

Wedding photographer in France

Basically the plan of the event was thought over and developed really thoroughly by Cynthia and her team. That is why I do love so much to be present at such weddings in France. Please, find the report about elopement in Chateu Challain below.

Family dinner in France

Bed and Breakfast in Chateau

Wedding make up

Brides morning

Gorgeous bride make up


B&B in Chateau Challain

Luxury destination wedding location in France

Pre wedding dinner

Family dinner

Wedding pre party

Luxury venue in France

Garden wedding

Wedding decorations

Wedding make up and hair style

Garden in a French castle for marriage

Interiors of Chateau Challain

Wedding dress


Big day photo

Music band in a french wedding

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Where to get married at night?


Decorations in Chateau Challain

French cuisine

Final preparations of the bride

Bride and girls

Pre wedding photo session


Bride's shoes

Ready to get married

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Bride's portrait

Funny wedding pictures

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Night wedding ceremony

Night wedding ceremony photo

Wedding at night

Elopement in France

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Wedding congratulations

Invitation cards for the wedding

Wedding dinner

Surprise from the groom to bride

Singing waiters wedding

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Gatsby style wedding decorations

Great Gatsby style

Chateau Challain interiors

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Marriage at Chateau Challain

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Night show

Night wedding performance

Flying acrobats for the wedding

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Fire show at a wedding

Night photos from Chateau Challain

Fire show

Luxury wedding in France

Chateau wedding at night

Wedding cake in France

Wedding cake

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Guest at marriage

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Wedding in France

I’m was really happy to be a photographer at such a luxurious wedding in French Chateau. To my mind Chateau Challain is one of the best destination locations available in Europe for people willing to get married. If you have any questions about the place or you would like to celebrate and plan the event, feel free to ask your questions.



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