Autumn engagement in Rome: Ronald and Dorothy

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In this article I will tell you a story about autumn Engagement in Rome. It was a photo shooting carried out by my colleague and photographer Vladimir Novikov. Dorothy and Ronald traveled from the USA to Italy with family. They had two main goals for the trip: to discover Italy and to have an pre wedding hoto shooting in Rome.

Engagement photo shooting planning

Engagement photo shooting in Rome

Dorothy sent us a request in advance – some 2-3 months before the trip. She was well-prepared for the shooting, looked through all the post about Rome published on our pages, read the reviews and even spoke to some of our previous clients in Facebook.

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Pre wedding in Rome ideas

Where to take photos in Rome?

Romantic photos in Rome with Colosseum

Pre wedding trip to Rome

During our communication we exchanged emails, WhatsApp (+420774509060) messages and phone calls. This was a very important part of engagement photo shooting planning. Because both side: brides and photographer need to trust each other.

Where to take engagement photos in Rome?

We decided to split the shooting into 2: morning engagement session in Rome and evening more casual session. Thus we could not only visit the most beautiful places of Italian capital, but to have different light: sunrise, daylight, sunset.


Photo session in Rome

We began the engagement photo shooting in Rome about 6 a.m. It was Autumn, but nevertheless the weather was perfect and the sun raised early. The first background for the pre wedding session was Colosseum — the most powerful symbol of Italian capital. The early start gave us an unique opportunity. We could take pictures without crowds of tourists.

Roman Forums

Roman photographer

Roman Forums is a symbol of Roman Empire. That was the places where all the most important issues were discussed, problems solved and laws adopted. Dorothy wanted to have some pictures with columns. As she said, they were associated with Rome and ancient times. To tell the truth it was not a complicated task for the professional wedding and engagement photographer in Rome.

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Autumn photo shooting in Rome

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Rome in Autumn

Capitoline hill in Rome

Capitoline hill in Rome

There is a well-known legend about two brother and their saviour — the wolf. And this is the Capitoline Hill in Rome, where one can see a copy of the wolf statue. But we were more excited to walk around the hill and to use its exteriors for the engagement shooting.
Professional photo shooting in Rome


After those happy and sunny photos we took a taxi and drove to the Pantheon. That was the meeting point with the rest of the family. And it was the second part of the morning engagement photo shooting in Rome. After some beautiful photos in front of the Pantheon we moved to Villa Borghese.

Pantheon in Rome

Family photo shooting in Rome

Rome family photo

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Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is unique park in Rome. It has so many places of interest: panoramic views, huge trees, good coffee, tasty restaurants, a lake with boat. And all these things are located in one huge park in the centre of Rome. Enjoy the pictures take during engagement shooting in Villa Borghese.

Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese in Rome photo shooting

Lake with boat in villa Borghese

Where to drink coffee in Rome


family photographer in Rome

Family portrait in Rome

Villa Borghese view

Autumn pre wedding photo shooting in Rome

Autumn engagement photo shooting in Rome

Evening photo shooting in Vatican

The evening part of the pre wedding photo shooting in Rome we began in Vatican from the walls of St. Peter’s Basilica. The sunset was amazing!

Evening photo shooting in Vatican

Vatican at night

Photo session in Vatican

Photographer in Vatican


Pre wedding photo shooting ideas

Following on of my favourite streets in Rome we reached Castle St. Angelo. The castle, the bridge, the river. Everything was so beautiful that evening. That as a perfect finish of the Autumn engagement photo shooting in Rome.

Night photography in Rome

Night photo session in Prague

Engagement in Rome

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Ideas for pre wedding photo shooting

After the session we took two taxis and went to Trastevere to share traditional Italian dinner at Take Your Time bistro. Our friend Jack runs it and he always has a table booked for us and our clients (read: friends).

I sincerely hope, that the family life of Dorothy and Ronald will be as beautiful as this pre wedding and engagement photo shooting in Rome was. Thank you for your trust and work. This session is a real gift for the page and for Vladimir’s portfolio. He again proved to be a professional wedding photographer in Rome and Italy.

Dorothy, waiting for your honeymoon trip to Europe.
Yours, Artur and Vladimir.

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome