Wedding anniversary in Rome: Yang and Minh

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Two years ago Yang and Minh got married. From that very day they decided to celebrate every year their big day visiting new countries and booking a professional photographer for a shooting. This year they had wedding anniversary in Rome and I was lucky to show the couple the most beautiful locations of the city and of course to capture some sweet moments as an Italian photographer.

Yang found my home page in google and immediately contacted my assistant and manager Vladimir, who is responsible in our team for communication with clients. After a Skype talk, what is a must in our work, it was clear what kind of the shooting Yang and Minh wanted to have. So we offered them a classical early morning rise to enjoy Rome without tourists and hot sun. That was our basic plan for the anniversary photo shooting.

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The day before the shooting we met with Yang and his wife in a restaurant to get acquainted and to discuss the plan of the shooting. I was really impressed how huge Yang is. You know, I have 2 meters of hight and got used to the fact that people I take photos of are not as tall. So it was my new experience and love it!

The following day we met with my new friends from the USA near Vatican. How impressed they were to see and to realise that the streets are empty. Not to miss the opportunity we started the wedding anniversary shooting. It was pretty easy to work with the couple, because they were relaxed and open to any idea. I saw their smiles, their eyes and hands. These three things are the indicators of love!

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Minh wanted to have not only street photos in Rome interiors, but also to go to Villa Borghese — one of the biggest parks in the city. Therefore after some hours spent in the city centre we moved to its green part. And the pictures from the Villa look like a fairy tale!

It was May when the couple arrived in Rome, therefore the weather was not as hot as in summer. I would say it was comfortable to walk. Also, for me as for any professional wedding photographer, light was absolutely amazing, since it was very soft.

Vatican Anniversary in Rome Rome streets

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Thank you dear Yang and Minh for such a lovely morning spent together. Your wedding anniversary in Rome was a success! Next year we can meet in Prague. What do you think?

Yours, Artur Jakutsevich

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome