Be natural 2021/2022 Wedding trend

pre wedding photo in Paris Wedding tips and ideas

Dear newlyweds, after plenty of organisational issue, it is high time to pay attention to yourself. Keep in mind — wedding photos as well as your mood depend on the preparations for your Big Day.

Wedding style

It’s not a secret, that at the very begging of the preparations you should have a clear understanding what you want and see every single detail of your wedding day. Everything should be of special concern: place of the wedding, bouquets, autos, wedding gears, decor, hairpins and shoelaces. Even clothes of your gests should correspond to the wedding style. The only thing you need is to mention the dress code in the invitations. Only when everything is in the way you’ve planned you’ll enjoy your wedding day, believe us!

Wedding Style 2014

Everyone knows that there is a pair of traditional styles, on the basis of which you can create and express yourself. But pay attention: bride’s dress and groom’s suit should be in tune with each other whatever style you choose. For example, if a bride has a classic wedding gown with a skirt and a corset, a groom should wear classic well-fitted sewed suit. You can play only with fabrics and accessories.

If bride’s dress is exotic one, so shall be groom’s suit. But whatever style you choose, note, a dress, a suit together with pumps and shoes should be in the same colour, but can be in different tones.

All the trends in pret-a-porter traces in wedding fashion as well. So, in 2021/2022 wedding season we can notice mate color, which is so popular among fashionistas. Such a color is so rich and self-sufficing that it will make your image gorgeous! Moreover, you can choose almost any accessory of almost every colour to finish your look.


Hairdo also depends on your style. For instance, hair ups, which open your neck and shoulders looks good with dresses necking your back. If you have a ballgown, then it will be great to make curls; or to make retro waves if you have a dress with a decollete. You can also decorate your hair with flowers, which will add romanticism, or with a tiara or pearls, which looks aristocratic. It is in fashion to set off natural beauty for several years already. But if you want to refresh your look, you can tone several locks.


Complexion should be perfect on your wedding day. But keep in mind, pilling may damage your skin, that’s why it should be done at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding day. The only thing you can do the day before your Big Day is a soothing mask, which will help you to look fresh. Before your wedding make-up use termal water, do not forget about moisturizer, eye care cream and a lip-balm.

All this stuff concerns a groom as well. Special attention should be paid to the skin after shaving. As the skin can be damaged, it’s better to shave in the evening or to have a shadow. In case you decide to shave in the morning few hours before the wedding ceremony, use  a 10-minute soothing mask, and then a moisturizer.


The last but not the least is a wedding make-up, which has several pecularietes.

  1. Wedding make-up should be chosen according to your wedding gown, its colour and fabric; accessories, as well as your skin tone, hair and eye colours.
  2. If the wedding ceremony is held by early afternoon, lip-gloss, bright shadows, and light blusher will be the best choice. But if the wedding registration and the banquet is in the evening, then your wedding make-up should be brighter. Moreover, it’s great, when there is an opportunity to rerfresh your make-up during the day.
  3. Stay-try make-up is on top, focus on eyes and cheeck-bones can be made only. Pearl and oily stuff shouldn’t be used, as they will make flares on the photos. Moreover, it will show every single defect of your skin. Use mate shadows and you’ll have the best wedding make-up ever.

We shouldn’t forget about the groom! Men usualy think it’s for girls only. But of course it’s not so! A real professional stylist knows special technics, which will help a groom looks better on the photos. That’s why making make-up for the bride, do not forget about the one for the groom.


Natural manicure is on top now. So, the best way is to make traditional «french», or use pastel nail lacquer. For grooms – translucent nail polish. Do not forget to use hand cream. Dry, cracked skin looks non-aesthetic.

Hope these basic recommendations will help you to be on the ball on one of the main days in your life.

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome