Walking tour with photographer in Prague for Nastja and Kirill

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Let me introduce you my dear followers a very cute couple Nastja and Kirill. This summer in August we had a very romantic, but on the other hands very sad walking tour with photographer in Prague. Why sad? Because due to some circumstances my friends after several years spent in the capital of Czech Capital had to leave the country and return to their motherland.

Walking tour with photographer in Prague

Charles Bridge photos in Prague

Photo session in the morning

Last year Kirill came to my photo school in Prague. He used to ask some many questions, since he was very curious about becoming a photographer. For me as a tutor it was a big pleasure to have such a brilliant student. After the lessons Kirill invited me to see what he is good at. And we went to a gym. As you can see he is pretty strong well-build guy.

For several years he has been visiting gym in Prague to improve his health and body. As a result after first trial lessons we switched the places: Kirill was my teacher already. He showed me the right exercises for right muscles. Every day during some 2-3 hours I used to train under the strict control of my couch. And I’m really grateful to my personal trainer for all the effort he had towards me and my health. But the devil is always in details. The person who made Kirill visit my photo school was his girl-friend Nastja. I got accounted with her only some days before our walking tour which we started from the Lennon Wall.

Lennon Wall

Lennon Wall

They finished their exchange program in Prague University and after 4 years spent together in this city, they had to go home. And as it usually happens, when people live in a beautiful place they never have enough time to take pictures in the city. The same thing occurred to this couple. After 4 years in Czech Capital they hardly had some 5 together photos with any of the places of interest. No doubt that they had no pictures from Prague taken by a professional photographer.

Professional photographer in Prague

Therefore we made a common decision, to have a morning farewell photo set and a walking tour in Prague with visiting the main sights of the Czech Capital. The time as always was chosen early in the morning. The very first place was John Lennon Wall. Basically this phenomenon comes from the 1980-th with the painted words against the existing regime. Students that used to study in the American University inhaled the air of freedom that the song of Lennon and company are full of and started to fight for independence. Nowadays Lennon Wall is one of the brightest and inspiring places in Prague. Any tourists or citizen can paint with a can or a brush what ever he or she thinks. Therefore the wall is such a mixture of everything.

Touring Prague with photographer

Kampa and Charles Bridge

The old headstock that is to the left from the Lennon Wall unfortunately doesn’t work at the moment. But it is a nice local sight to take pictures with. We continued our ‘city and me photo tour’ to Kampa island. This place is also called Prague Venice. There are a lot of houses that were built at the water level. To get close to some of them is possible only on a boat or, if you know the right way, through some secret paths. To tell the truth the latter are not so secret, but usually tourists don’t pay attention on steps leading to nowhere.

Prague city tour

Prague photography

I took some really extreme photos when Kirill had some fun with Nastja hanging her over the water. I was sure that there was no risk, since I had seen Kirill doing powerlifting in gym, thus didn’t took much care about it. Nastja was not against such photos as well.

Kafka Museum

The next spot in our Prague tour was Kafka museum, actually not the museum itself, but the two peeing guys in front of the main building. They were created by famous Czech artist David Cherny. The reason why these two young men with naked bodies are watering this place is the following: not all the Czechs agreed with the fact that the country entered the European Union.

Visiting Prague Kafka Museum

Vrtbovska Garden

Another place to visit was the most beautiful and my favourite garden in Prague – Vtrbovska zahradka. It was a great continuation of our walking tour. The garden is hidden from the crowds of tourists among famous red roofs of Mala Strana. Only the locals and very profound travellers can find Vrtba. Why do I like it so much? Just look at the pictures, that were taken from there. I can’t believe that these were the humans who created such a masterpiece.

Vrtba garden

Vtrbovska zahradka

Best locations in Prague

Walking tour in Prague photo

Thank you very much, guys for that lovely morning and your company. Hope to see you soon! Yours, Artur Jakutsevich.

P.S. I do hope that photo sessions I present here are interesting for you and you find my works good. If you plan to visit Czech Capital I will be pleased to show you the city during our walking tour around Prague attractions.

Walk and tour

Some steps aside and we already enjoyed the exclusive place with a view on the main sight of Prague – the Charles Bridge. For several centuries it used to be the longest stone construction in the world. But the most essential role of the bridge was to link to parts of the Czech capital in one city. First of all the Palace is located really high. It takes much effort from the tourists to clime their. Therefore many of them take either metro or trams. But we were ready enough for such a journey and went on foot.

The second top thing about this place is that the head of the country – the president works there. Sometimes if tourists are lucky, they may see Czech president and even speak or take photo with him. And the entire place is guarded by the tall old castle walls. I like taking photos in front of these walls, because they do look were ancient.

Prague Palace

We enjoyed unique panoramic views of Prague and its red roofs. To say that it looks fascinating means nothing. Even after my numerous trips, I find this city and this view to be one of the most picturesque in Europe. Even Dalai Lama when touring around Europe came to see the Charles Bridge and said the following: “I do feel an extremely powerful cosmic energy coming from the Charles Bridge. It almost the same with Tibet one.”

Prague photographer

I planed our tour the way we finished at the very top of the city, so that my friends could enjoy the beauty of the view before they leave. Don’t know how to thank you, Kirill and your beloved Nastja for such a wonderful August morning we spent together with you touring Prague with me as your photographer. I do hope that these fantastic photos will remind you of the city and will make you come back one day.

Sincerely yours,


Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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